Zento 1080P HD Wireless Solar Security Camera with Motion Detection


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Introducing the Zento 1080P HD Wireless Solar Security Camera, the innovative surveillance solution for any outdoor location. This fully wire-free camera is powered completely by solar energy, making installation quick and easy with no wiring required. Just mount the camera, connect to WiFi, and you’ll have instant 24/7 security monitoring from anywhere.

With a high resolution 1920×1080 sensor, this security camera captures crystal clear footage day and night. The built-in infrared LEDs automatically turn on in low light conditions, enabling night vision up to 5 meters away. Detect movement up to 5 meters away with the PIR motion sensor that sends instant alert notifications to your phone when triggered.

Key Features:

Solar Powered for Continuous Operation: This security camera is designed with an integrated solar panel and large capacity rechargeable battery for true wire-free, perpetual operation. It only takes 4-6 hours of direct sunlight per day to keep the battery charged. The intelligent power saving technology ensures the camera can work continuously for months on solar power alone.

1080P Full HD Video & Night Vision: Record crisp, detailed footage in true 1920x1080p resolution. 18 infrared LEDs enable night vision capability for around-the-clock surveillance.

Smart Motion Detection: Know immediately when the camera detects movement. Adjustable PIR sensor detects motion up to 5 meters away, then sends instant alert notifications to your phone.

Wireless & Weatherproof: Set up this outdoor camera in minutes with no wiring required. The IP66 weatherproof rating allows it to withstand dust, rain and sun exposure.

Local & Cloud Storage: Store video recordings on a microSD card up to 64GB (not included) or enable Cloud storage for remote access from anywhere.

2-Way Audio Communication: Hear real-time audio and have two-way conversations using the built-in microphone and speaker.

Versatile Monitoring for Any Location

The Zento Wireless Solar Security Camera is the perfect smart home surveillance solution for properties and locations that don’t have convenient AC power sources. From rural farms to urban apartments, it can be installed anywhere outdoors in just minutes with no electrician required.

Mount it on the exterior of your home or business for constant video security monitoring of entryways, driveways, yards, and outdoor assets. The compact design allows flexible placement of multiple cameras to cover every vulnerable corner.

Use it at construction sites and job sites to protect equipment and monitor worker activity when buildings are being renovated or built. Get alerts anytime a contractor enters the property after hours.

Monitor barns, stables, pastures, and gates at your ranch or farm. Keep watch over gardens, greenhouses, fruit trees or beehives. Know the moment intruders approach livestock or equipment.

Place it poolside for child safety and liability protection at hotels, apartments, or your backyard. Ensure nobody sneaks into restricted areas after hours.

The highly weatherproof IP66 rating allows it to withstand dust, rain, snow, and sun exposure, continuing to record 24/7 in any outdoor environment.

Crystal Clear Day & Night Surveillance

The Zento Wireless Solar Security Camera records video in rich 1080P full HD resolution, capturing crystal clear footage with intricate detail and vibrant color during daylight conditions.

The 3.6mm lens provides a wide 80° field of view, ideal for monitoring driveways, entryways, yards, and other open outdoor areas.

18 infrared LEDs automatically activate in low light and nighttime conditions up to 5 meters away, enabling clear night vision video. You’ll easily be able to identify faces, clothing, vehicles, and read text on signs or packages even in 0 lux environments.

Footage is saved locally onto a microSD card up to 64GB for retrievable video evidence. Enabling Cloud storage allows convenient remote access to recorded video from anywhere using the mobile app.

Smart Motion-Activated Alerts

The built-in PIR motion sensor on this security camera detects movement up to 5 meters away, avoiding false alerts from far away objects. Sensitivity is adjustable in the app.

Whenever the sensor is triggered by a person, vehicle, or animal, you’ll receive an instant push notification alert on your phone. Motion detection ensures you’re only notified when something important happens instead of wasting time reviewing uneventful footage.

The camera supports 3 user-defined motion detection zones, so you can specify areas of interest where you want to receive alerts if motion is detected. The side-mounted PIR sensor enables a wide 140° field of view for highly accurate motion activation.

Use motion alerts to know immediately whenever someone steps onto your property, approaches your front door, pulls into your driveway, or wanders onto restricted areas.

Easy Monitoring from Anywhere

View live video and recorded clips using the Xenture Life app on your iOS or Android phone from anywhere in the world. Playback recorded events to see exactly what happened at your property.

The convenient app allows changing camera settings like video resolution, adjusting motion sensitivity, creating activity zones, and more.

Keep your camera firmware up to date by using the app to install new features and security patches over the air the moment they become available. No manual updates required.

With Cloud storage enabled in the app, your video recordings are also safely backed up online. This allows accessing the footage no matter where you are, without needing physical access to the camera’s SD card.

The Zento Wireless Solar Security Camera connects to your WiFi network, with stable transmission distances up to 300 ft from your router or access point. No range extenders required for most properties.

Versatile Power Options

The integrated solar panel keeps the rechargeable battery perpetually charged, enabling completely cable-free operation. Position the panel in a spot with at least 4 to 6 hours of direct sunlight per day.

For areas that don’t get enough sun exposure, you can supplement with the micro-USB port and use a standard power bank as a backup source. This gives you total flexibility.

The intelligent power management system ensures power-efficient operation. With just 4-6 hours of sun per day, it will stay continuously powered year-round in any climate.

Weatherproof & Reliable

The durable aluminum alloy housing and IP66 weatherproof rating allow this camera to withstand exposure to dust, rain, snow, and sun. It operates in extreme temperatures ranging from -10° to 50° C.

Never worry about electrical storms damaging equipment or power outages affecting security. This wireless solar camera system continues recording no matter what happens to your electrical grid.

Aside from the occasional cleaning, it requires no maintenance for years of trouble-free operation. We back the Zento Wireless Solar Security Camera with an industry-leading 3 year warranty.

Take your home or business security to the next level with round-the-clock monitoring powered by the sun! Order the Zento HD Wireless Solar Camera today and take advantage of our special introductory pricing. We stand behind the quality with prompt and helpful USA-based customer support.


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