Zanch 10-Piece Professional Window Tinting Tool Kit for DIY Automotive Window Film Installation


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Install window tint film on your car, truck, or RV with ease using the Zanch 10-Piece Professional Window Tinting Tool Kit. This complete set of high-quality squeegees, blades, and application tools allows both amateur and professional installers to expertly apply aftermarket tint film for crystal clear results.

Complete Tint Kit Has All the Tools You Need

The Zanch window tint kit comes packed with every tool required for a smooth, professional tint or wrap installation:

– 4″ Felt Squeegee: The soft felt edge won’t scratch window glass during application
– 5″ Rubber Squeegee: Quickly squeegees water and solution from large flat surfaces
– Conqueror Squeegee: Firm rubber easily glides over curved windows
– Corner Squeegees: Reach into hard-to-tint crevices and window seams
– Blades & Knives: Easily trim and shape tint film to fit any car window
– Mini Squeegees: Detail small areas and tricky corners

With this automotive window tinting kit, you’ll have the right tool for every step of the DIY tinting process.

Specially Designed Car Window Tinting Tools

While ordinary household squeegees may work in a pinch, the specialized squeegees in this car window tint kit make professional-looking results much easier.

The corner tint squeegees allow you to firmly press film into tight spaces and around mirror mounts. The contours of the yellow shank squeegee provide added leverage when working in grooves and window seams.

The blue rubber squeegee quickly channels solution from large areas of flat glass, while the smaller pink squeegee tackles detailed spots. No annoying streaks or bubbles!

Safely Trim and Cut Tint Film

This window tinting tool set includes both a snap-off blade utility knife and a razor scraper with replacement blades.

The handy utility knife safely cuts through tint film to remove excess material or customize shapes. Snap-off the dull blades and refresh the edge for optimal cutting control.

Use the razor scraper to gently lift and reposition the tint during application. The sharp yet flexible blades won’t scratch glass or vehicle paint.

Apply Auto Window Tint Like a Pro

High-end salons charge hundreds for professional window tinting, but with the Zanch DIY car window tint kit, you can achieve the same flawless results for a fraction of the cost.

Even if you’ve never attempted window tinting before, the color-coded, ergonomic tools make the learning curve quick and painless.

The non-abrasive construction won’t harm glass or acrylic, making this window film application kit ideal for automotive, residential, commercial, and boat window tinting projects.

Premium Tinting Tools Built to Last

From the durable anodized aluminum handles to the precisely tapered squeegee edges, these tint application tools are made to maintain their shape and performance wrap after wrap.

The Zanch window tinting kit comes conveniently packed in a durable zip storage case, keeping all the pieces organized and protected.

Experience the satisfaction of adding sleek, professional-grade window tint to your own vehicle with the Zanch Master Tinting Tool Kit. Expert results made easy!

Zanch Window Tint Kit Includes:

– 4” Felt Squeegee
– 5” Rubber Squeegee
– Conqueror Squeegee
– Corner Squeegees
– Mini Squeegees
– Blades
– Storage Case

Buy with confidence and treat your ride to custom tint today!


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