ZAFFIRO Mini Spy Camera – Smart Wireless Hidden Security Camera with Motion Detection and Night Vision


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Keep watch over your home, office, pets or other valuables with the ZAFFIRO Mini Spy Camera. This clever hidden camera connects wirelessly to your phone so you can view live or recorded video anytime from anywhere.

Despite its tiny size, this security camera captures video in crisp 4K Ultra HD resolution. Night vision gives you a clear view even in low light conditions. Motion detection ensures you don’t miss important activity.

With robust battery power and smart PIR motion sensor, the ZAFFIRO security camera provides 24/7 monitoring while lasting for months on a single charge.

Easy to conceal in any setting, the mini camera can be used as a nanny cam, pet cam, home security camera and more.

Key Features:

– 4K UHD live video streaming
– 150+ day battery standby time
– PIR motion detection
– Night vision up to 30 feet
– Wireless connectivity & WiFi pairing
– App control and alerts
– MicroSD recording up to 256GB
– Tiny design for discreet placement

24/7 Home Monitoring from Anywhere

View live video from the ZAFFIRO mini cam on your smartphone no matter where you are. The security camera connects to your WiFi network on 2.4GHz band so you can check in from anywhere internet is available.

Motion detection triggers alerts to your phone so you never miss important activity. Live stream footage or review recorded video history from the microSD card at any time.

With a wide 140° viewing angle, the mini cam provides sweeping coverage of any room it’s placed in. Night vision lets you maintain visibility even in low light and darkness up to 30 ft away.

Smart Wireless Battery Camera

Battery powered with smart PIR motion detector, the ZAFFIRO security camera provides cable-free installation and months of monitoring on a single charge.

The integrated sensor detects body heat to activate recording only when people enter the camera’s field of view. This extended battery standby up to 150 days.

When motion is detected, the ZAFFIRO cam will begin recording video to the microSD card (up to 256GB, sold separately) and send alert to your phone. Battery run time lasts 4-10 days per charge when actively monitoring motion.

Discreet Design for Hidden Placement

Measuring just 2 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches and weighing only 2 ounces, the mini spy cam can be tucked unnoticed in any room. Use the magnetic base or peel-and-stick pad to mount on any metal or flat surface.

The ZAFFIRO camera blends into your home or office discreetly. Hide it on bookshelves, cabinets, desks or other furniture. Keep watch securely without drawing attention.

Security and Peace of Mind

Protect your home while you’re away, keep an eye on pets or elders, ensure babysitters or cleaners aren’t mistreating your belongings. Discreetly monitor anywhere you need an extra set of eyes.

Get motion alerts when the nanny cam detects activity so you know your home and loved ones are safe. Review footage to see what happened while you were out.

Footage is stored locally on the microSD card so video remains secure in your possession.

More Uses for the ZAFFIRO Mini Cam:

– Pet cam – check in on cats, dogs, birds, reptiles or small animals

– Baby monitor – keep an eye on baby’s room

– Nanny cam – monitor babysitters or home care

– Employee monitoring – ensure workers are productive

– Catch thieves or vandals

– Record wildlife visiting your property

Take your home security to the next level with 24/7 monitoring capabilities from the clever ZAFFIRO wireless mini spy camera.


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