Yungeln 3-Piece Set of Soft Detailing Brushes for Car Interior Cleaning


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Dirt, dust, and grime getting ground into your car’s interior? Restore it to a factory fresh look with this 3-piece set of soft detailing brushes from Yungeln. Specifically designed for auto detailing, these brushes efficiently clean the tight spaces inside your vehicle’s cabin.

The set includes two detailing brushes and one dual-head brush to handle all your interior cleaning needs. The soft, dense bristles easily capture dirt, dust, and debris from the crevices, vents, leather seats, dash, console, door panels, and other tight areas.

Dense Soft Bristles Won’t Scratch

The bristle tips are crafted from soft microfiber that won’t scratch or mar surfaces. They gently lift away contaminants without damaging vinyl, leather, plastic, wood trim, screens, and other surfaces.

Thick bristles hold plenty of sudsy water for wet scrubbing. The water dissolves and captures dust and debris so it’s not just pushed around. For dried-on grime, the soft tips safely agitate it free.

Ergonomic Handle for Comfort

Cleaning every nook and cranny of your car’s interior takes time. The brushes feature an ergonomic rubber handle that fits comfortably in your hand without fatigue. Soft rubber provides a non-slip grip even when wet for control and ease of use.

The handle’s unique triangular shape allows you to grip it multiple ways. Easily access tight spaces at the best angles. A hanging loop at the end lets you hang and dry the brushes between uses.

Detail Hard-to-Reach Areas

The smaller detailing brushes work perfectly for cleaning air vents, around gauge clusters, window and mirror controls, climate controls, and other tight spaces.

Use short vertical strokes to dislodge debris inside air vents. Clean around buttons and knobs without catching on them. The bristles reach surface grime that fingers can’t access.

Multi-Functional Dual Head Brush

This unique brush features two cleaning heads – a microfiber pad on one side and nylon bristles on the other. The microfiber pad cleans leather seats, door panels, consoles, screens, and other soft surfaces. Flip to the bristles for carpets, floor mats, and fabric.

The 8.7 inch handle extends your reach for cleaning under seats, around seat rails and seat belts, on floorboards, and in footwells more easily. No more strained wrists from contorting to reach debris.

Detail Your Car Like a Pro

Skip expensive trips to the professional detailer. This set of specialty brushes equips you to handle interior detailing tasks quickly and easily at home. No more staring at dusty vents, stained carpets, and ground-in grime.

Use the brushes wet with interior cleaner for heavy duty scrubbing. A vacuum easily removes lifted dirt from carpets and fabric after brushing. For maintenance cleaning, simply brush surfaces dry to whisk away dust.

More Uses Beyond Auto Detailing

These are not single-use brushes. The soft bristles also work great for:

  • Cleaning computer keyboards, mice, and screens
  • Removing pet hair from furniture and upholstery
  • Cleaning window blinds, baseboards, ceiling fans
  • Scrubbing dirt from kitchen appliances and tools

Don’t let dirt buildup ruin your vehicle’s interior. Safely restore it to a clean, factory-fresh look with this high quality set of soft detailing brushes. Ditch those flimsy disposable brushes and keep your car looking its best.

Order the Yungeln 3-piece car interior cleaning brush set today and start detailing like a pro!


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