Youwise 1500W Adjustable Temperature Heat Gun Kit – The Ultimate Plastic Welding and Crafting Tool


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Take on your next DIY project with confidence using the Youwise 1500W Heat Gun Kit. This versatile hot air tool allows you to weld, bend, and shape plastic with adjustable temperature control up to 680°C. The included accessories and powerful 1500 watt motor make this heat gun perfect for everything from shrinking tubing and removing paint to soldering pipes.

Precision Temperature Control for Delicate Work

The Youwise Heat Gun allows you to dial in the exact temperature needed, ranging from a cool 30°C up to a blazing 680°C. Turn the temperature dial to adjust by 10 degree increments for precision heat control. The wide temperature range gives you the flexibility to work with delicate materials like heat-shrink tubing or tackle heavy-duty jobs like forming HDPE plastic.

An LED display shows the set temperature so you always know the exact heat level. The intelligent PID temperature control actively regulates the heat to prevent overshooting the dialed in temp. This makes it easy to avoid damage when working with finicky materials.

Powerful 1500W Heat Gun

At the max setting, this heat gun delivers an incredible 1500 watts of heating power. The stainless steel nozzle concentrating all that heat into a focused stream of 680°C air. Yet the insulated rear handle stays cool while in use to prevent accidental burns.

The powerful 1500 watt motor provides a strong airflow of 13.8 m3/h to quickly heat up your project. Yet it operates at a quiet 65 dB for comfortable long work sessions. The durable motor is built to last through repeated use.

Safety Features for Worry-Free Use

Weld and shape plastic with confidence thanks to a range of built-in safety features. The heat gun automatically shuts off if overheated or set down while powered on. The grounded power plug prevents static discharge or shocks. And the double insulated housing prevents current leakage for safety.

The heat gun is certified under ETL standards for quality assurance. The included thermal protection tube keeps the air hose from overheating during extended use. And the sure-grip handle provides stability.

Ideal Accessories for Plastic Working

The Youwise Heat Gun Kit includes 4 handy nozzles perfect for common projects:

– Roller Nozzle – The roller tip evenly distributes heat for smoothing and shaping plastic sheets. Easily bend HDPE plastic to create boxes or acrylic to make custom covers.

– Wide Nozzle – The wide nozzle focuses a broad stream of heat for tasks like paint and varnish removal.

– Reducing Nozzle – Concentrate the heat into a small area to blister pack plastic or apply heat-shrink tubing.

– Reflector Nozzle – The included reflector nozzle bounces heat off surfaces for spreading warmth over a large area. Great for loosening rusted bolts or paint.

Six plastic welding rods are also included to provide filler material when sealing PVC and PE joints.

Perfect for around the House or Worksite

This versatile heat gun is great to have around the house or workshop for:

– Shrinking heat shrink tubing on wiring projects
– Assembling plastic irrigation pipes with welded joints
– Smoothing 3D printed ABS plastic parts
– Loosening rusted bolts and fittings
– Removing paint and varnish from furniture
– Forming HDPE plastic sheets into boxes or covers
– And much more!

With adjustable temperature control and useful accessories, the Youwise Heat Gun Kit can tackle just about any heat application you throw at it. Get professional quality results without the professional price tag.


– Temperature Range: 30°C – 680°C
– Power: 1500 watts
– Air Volume: 13.8 m^3/h
– Air Pressure: 3000pa
– Airflow: 230 L/min max
– Insulation: 3750V
– Noise Level: ≤65db
– Dimensions: 34 x 5.7 cm
– Weight: 1.1 lbs

Package Includes:

– 1 x Youwise Heat Gun (1500W)
– 1 x Reflector Nozzle
– 1 x Roller Nozzle
– 1 x Reducing Nozzle
– 1 x Wide Nozzle
– 6 x Plastic Welding Rods
– 1 x Manual

Transform your next DIY or craft project with the Youwise 1500W Heat Gun Kit. This versatile hot air tool helps you take on everything from soldering to plastic welding.


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