YOTOO 10ft Polyurethane Recoil Air Hose with Quick Coupler and Plug




Tackle projects with ease using this premium quality 10ft polyurethane recoil air hose from YOTOO. The flexible and kink-resistant hose provides easy maneuverability for powering pneumatic tools. And the self-retracting design makes storage quick and hassle-free.

Constructed from durable polyurethane, this lightweight hose won’t tangle or kink. It stands up to jobsite abuse and extreme temperatures from -40°F to 150°F. The large 3/8″ inner diameter provides high airflow capacity up to 150 PSI for optimal power.

10 Feet of Maneuverable Air Supply
The 10ft length gives you the maneuverability to work all around your project without having to reposition your air compressor frequently. Easily access tight spaces, move around the vehicle you’re working on, or reach pneumatic tools from a distance.

When not in use, the hose recoils to a compact, manageable size for out of the way storage. No more tangling or kinking like rubber hoses. Just pull out what you need, then give it a tug to retract when finished.

Built for Tough Professional Use
This air hose is designed to provide reliable performance in demanding shop environments. The polyurethane material is abrasion resistant to prevent punctures from sharp corners and edges. It remains flexible even in frigid temperatures.

Heavy-duty brass fittings ensure leak-free connections. Installation is easy with the industrial-grade quick coupler and plug. Just connect to your air compressor or tool like a high pressure garden hose. No teflon tape needed.

Bend restrictors further enhance durability by preventing kinks at the connections. And the fittings can actually be removed with a wrench for easy repairs if needed.

High Flow for Pneumatic Tools
The large 3/8″ inner diameter provides high airflow capacity for optimal powering of air tools like:

– Impact wrenches
– Ratchets
– Sanders
– Air brushes
– Spray guns
– Inflators
– Air drills
– Chisels
– Blow guns
– Tire chucks

Take on automotive work, woodworking, metal fabrication, or servicing machinery with up to 150 PSI capacity.

Retractable and Easy to Manage
With no tangling or kinking to untwist, this hose saves time and frustration. The self-retracting design ensures quick, orderly storage in between uses. Just give it a firm tug and the hose neatly recoils.

Hang it overhead or coil it up out of the way. The compact retracted size takes up very little space. And the flexibility makes it easy to route around obstacles.

Premium Quality from YOTOO
YOTOO provides professional-grade automotive accessories designed to make repairs easier. Their products are engineered to improve shop workflow and efficiency for technicians. Expect reliable performance from this polyurethane air hose along with YOTOO’s 2-year limited warranty.


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