YIYIONCE 4-Stroke 7.5HP Gas Powered Engine – Robust 212cc Motor for Go Karts, Compressors, Generators & More




Feel the power of this rugged YIYIONCE 7.5HP gas engine motor! With a displacement of 212cc and a max speed of 3600RPM, this 4-stroke motor delivers commanding performance for go karts, compressors, trenchers, generators, and all your power equipment needs.

Strong 7.5HP Performance

The YIYIONCE gas powered engine boasts a muscular 7.5HP and 212cc displacement – giving you all the strength and torque you need to power through tough jobs fast. The forged crankshaft and cast iron cylinder liner ensure this workhorse keeps chugging along, while the 3600RPM max speed provides optimal power.

Start It Your Way – Manual or Electric

Crank it up manually with the easy recoil start or engage the electric start – either way this versatile engine fires up quick and easy. The reliable ignition system ensures smooth starts every time.

Efficient Cooling System

Stay cool under pressure! This motor features an integrated forced air cooling system to keep temperatures in check even during extended use. The specially designed ventilated heat sink pulls heat away from the cylinder and exhaust manifold, preventing overheating.

Heavy-Duty Metal Parts

Built to last! The metal cam, forged crankshaft, cast iron cylinder liner and other rugged components allow this workhorse to withstand heavy loads and harsh conditions while delivering top-notch power over years of use.

Low Fuel Consumption

The overhead valve design reduces carbon buildup dramatically – giving you better performance while using less gas. Coupled with the high-flow air filter, this engine goes easy on your wallet at the pump.

Large 0.95 Gallon Fuel Tank

With its generous 0.95 gallon fuel capacity, this engine can run for hours without refueling. The big tank lets you power through big jobs without any hassle.

Low Noise Operation

Work quietly with the built-in silencer keeping noise to a minimum. The silencer allows you to use this engine without disturbances.

Oil Alert Safety System

Don’t let your engine run dry! The oil alarm shuts the engine off automatically if oil levels get too low, preventing costly damage from insufficient lubrication.

High Performance Air Filter

The heavy-duty air filter optimizes airflow while preventing dirt, dust and debris from entering the combustion chamber. Keep your engine running crisp and clean!

Easy Maintenance

Oil and air filters are easily accessible, allowing quick inspection and replacement when needed. Just follow the included maintenance schedule for best performance.

Universal Fit

This versatile engine features a horizontal shaft, making it easy to mount onto a wide variety of equipment including go karts, log splitters, compressors, cement mixers, trenchers, generators, pumps, conveyors and more!


– Displacement: 212cc
– Max Power: 7.5HP
– Max Speed: 3600RPM
– Ignition System: Transistorized magneto ignition
– Start Method: Recoil or electric start
– Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.95 Gallon
– Dimensions: 17.8 x 15.2 x 15.3 inch
– Net Weight: 44.1 lbs

Take your equipment up a notch with raw power! The YIYIONCE 7.5HP gas engine is built with muscle to spare – ideal for go karts, generators, pumps, compressors and all your gas-powered machines. Order today!


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