XMARTO Solar-Powered HD Security Camera with AI Motion Detection for Wire-Free Surveillance


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Protect your home day and night with the innovative XMARTO BC4-SP solar-powered security camera. This wire-free camera is easy to install anywhere indoors or outdoors without running any cables, making home surveillance simple.

The XMARTO camera is powered by long-lasting TESLA-type rechargeable batteries that are constantly recharged by the built-in solar panel. After an initial full charge, the solar panel provides endless power – rain or shine! The smart Trickle-Charge solar technology ensures the camera stays powered no matter the weather conditions outside.

With a 4MP lens, the XMARTO security camera records crystal clear 1080P HD video footage during the day. At night, the professional IR LEDs provide up to 80ft of night vision range, capturing color video even in total darkness. Motion detection alerts and instant mobile notifications will keep you aware of any activity on your property. The built-in PIR sensor uses Thermal True Detection technology to accurately detect people, animals, and vehicles, reducing false alerts significantly.

When motion is detected, the camera’s spotlight turns on to illuminate the area and deter intruders. With just a tap in the mobile app, the loud siren can also be activated as another layer of security. Video is saved locally to an SD card, allowing you to have full ownership of your footage. For remote viewing and storage, you can also connect the camera to an XMARTO NVR system or the WallPixel Cloud.

Key Features:

– 100% Wire-Free and Solar Powered: No electrical wiring or outlet required. The built-in solar panel keeps batteries charged.

– HD 4MP Video with Night Vision: Records crystal clear 1080P video day and night. Infrared night vision up to 80 ft.

– Motion Detection with Spotlight & Siren: PIR sensor detects people, animals, cars, etc. Spotlight & 90dB siren deter intruders.

– Local and Cloud Storage: Save video clips to SD card and optional XMARTO NVR or Cloud.

– Thermal True Detection: Advanced PIR technology reduces false alerts from trees, spiders, debris, etc.

– Weatherproof: IP65 rated for use indoors and outdoors. Works in rain, snow, heat, cold.

– Easy Installation: Mounts to walls, eaves, poles. No wiring needed.

– Smart Phone App: Push notifications, live view, playback, sharing.

Solar-Powered Energy Independent Surveillance

Tired of security cameras that need constant battery changes or wiring? The XMARTO BC4-SP runs solely on free solar energy thanks to the built-in solar panel. A full initial charge gets the rechargeable batteries up to 100%, then the sun takes over! Even when mounted in shady areas, the solar panel will grab any available sunlight during the day to keep the batteries topped up.

Rain, snow, or clouds won’t stop this solar workhorse. The intelligent Trickle-Charge technology allows the camera to operate continuously with just 2-3 hours of direct sunlight per day. Low battery notifications remind you to reposition the panel if needed. No electrical outlet or charging required after the initial setup.

Crisp 1080P HD Video Day and Night

With a 4MP image sensor, the XMARTO security camera records super sharp 1080P full HD video clips. The advanced Starlight CMOS technology provides excellent low light capabilities. IR-cut filtration gives you full color images during the day for the most accurate details.

When night falls, the camera automatically activates the infrared night vision, allowing it to see up to 80 ft in total darkness! The 20 IR LEDs produce crisp black and white night video without any backlight glare. You’ll be able to identify people, vehicles, pets, and any other activity outside your home even at night.

Smart Motion Detection and Alerts

The built-in PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor uses Thermal True Detection technology to accurately detect temperature changes caused by people, cars, animals, and other heat sources. Unlike less advanced sensors, Thermal True Detection analyzes thermal radiation to reduce false triggers from trees blowing, spiders, debris, lighting changes, and other environmental factors.

When the XMARTO camera detects relevant motion, it can trigger several actions:

– Push notifications are sent instantly to your phone, allowing you to check in on any activity in real-time no matter where you are.

– The bright front spotlight turns on automatically to illuminate the area and deter intruders.

– The 90dB alarm can be activated remotely from the app with one tap when you want to scare something away.

You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your property is protected 24/7. Keep tabs on deliveries, watch pets or kids, and monitor for security threats with instant alerts. Customize motion detection zones and sensitivity as needed.

Local and Cloud Storage Options

When motion is detected, the XMARTO security camera will record 10-60 second video clips (customizable length). Videos are saved locally to the microSD card slot, allowing you to have full ownership of your surveillance footage with no monthly fees. A 32GB card can store about 2 weeks of HD video before looping over.

For backup or remote viewing convenience, you also have the option to connect your XMARTO cameras to the WallPixel Cloud or an XMARTO brand NVR. The WallPixel Cloud provides 14 days of free event-based video clips storage, with longer retention available on paid plans. Connect multiple cameras to an XMARTO NVR to manage your home or business surveillance system from one centralized interface.

Weatherproof and Versatile

With an IP65 weatherproof rating, the XMARTO BC4-SP is designed for reliable operation in tough environments. The camera housing protects against rain, snow, dust, dirt, and temperature extremes from -4°F to 140°F.

Thanks to the wire-free and cordless design, installation is a breeze. Use the included mounting screws to attach the base to walls, eaves, poles, tripods, and more. All the hardware needed is in the box. Point the solar panel in the direction that receives the most sunlight during the day.

Get alerts and live views on iOS and Android devices, or access the footage from any web browser when connected to the Cloud. The XMARTO app makes it easy to configure settings, customize motion zones, view live streams, receive notifications, playback clips, and more.

Bring smart solar power and advanced detection to your home surveillance with the XMARTO BC4-SP HD Security Camera. Protect your home day and night while avoiding pricey electricity bills!


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