WYNNsky Air Blower Gun with Long Steel Nozzle – Powerful 120 PSI Airflow for Cleaning, Drying & More


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Blast away dust, debris and more with the WYNNsky Air Blower Gun! This heavy duty blow gun connects to your air compressor to provide a focused, high-powered stream of air for a variety of purposes.

The blower gun is constructed with a durable aluminum alloy barrel and ergonomic rubber handle for comfortable extended use. The angled nozzle design gives you better control and aim as you direct the 120 PSI burst of air. The extra long, hardened steel nozzle allows you to reach tight spots and extend your reach for cleaning or drying.

Powerful 120 PSI Burst for Heavy Duty Jobs

This air blower gun packs a punch with a strong airflow up to 120 PSI. That’s plenty of power to blow away sawdust from woodworking, clear metal shavings or grinds from machining jobs, and remove leaves, grass clippings and other yard debris from your driveway, patio or garage.

You’ll make quick work of clearing cobwebs from the eaves or wiping down your vehicles. The focused airflow easily dislodges dirt and dust in crevices, under appliances, between keyboard keys and other tight spots. It’s great for dusting off your workshop, garage or other spaces.

Lightweight Body with Ergonomic Handle

The aluminum alloy barrel keeps the blower lightweight and easy to maneuver into any position needed to direct the blast of air. The handle is designed for comfort with a rubber cushion grip that allows for extended periods of use without hand strain.

The angled nozzle provides excellent control as you direct the airflow exactly where you want it. The blow gun swivels 360 degrees for versatility in cleaning hard to reach areas.

Long, Durable Hardened Steel Nozzle

The blower gun comes equipped with an 8-inch hardened steel nozzle that stands up to heavy use without bending or breaking over time. The extra length allows you to extend your reach into tight spaces.

Easily switch out nozzles by unscrewing the tip if you need something shorter or wider. The 1/4-inch NPT threaded inlet provides universal compatibility with any standard air hose fitting.

Versatile Cleaning & Drying Uses

This air blower gun has dozens of handy uses beyond the workshop or garage:

  • Dry off furniture or grills after cleaning
  • Remove standing water from floors or windows
  • Clear leaves from gutters
  • Clean up spills on concrete quickly
  • Blow dust out of small spaces and crevices
  • Inflate air mattresses, pool toys or balloons

Keep one on hand for quick clean up or drying anytime. It’s great for crafters, DIYers, auto detailers, electricians, woodworkers, metal workers and more.


  • Air Pressure: 0-120 PSI
  • Inlet Size: 1/4-inch NPT(F)
  • Nozzle Length: 8 inches
  • Nozzle Material: Hardened Steel
  • Body Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Handle Material: Rubber
  • Hose Not Included

This versatile air blow gun is built for durability and daily use. Make quick work of cleaning and drying tasks with the precision of the focused, high powered airflow! Order today and keep your workshop or workspace clear of debris and dust.


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