WYNNsky 2 Pack Steel Air Plug 1/2″ NPT Male Threads


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The WYNNsky 2 pack steel air plugs make connecting and disconnecting air tools a breeze. The 1/2″ NPT male inlet threads connect directly to air hoses, valves, and tool fittings.

These heavy duty air plugs are essential for any auto repair shop, woodworking shop, or garage using air powered tools. The secure seal prevents air leaks even under high pressure.

Quick Connect and Disconnect Air Lines

Working with pneumatic equipment requires frequently changing tools and reconfiguring air lines. WYNNsky air plugs allow you to quickly connect and disconnect air hoses without any leakage or loss of pressure.

Just insert the 1/2″ male NPT threads into any female coupler, tool inlet or hose end. The tapered thread design ensures an airtight seal up to 300 PSI max pressure.

To remove, simply unscrew the air plug – the seal is automatically released. Switch tools or air lines in seconds!

Common applications include:

  • Removing air hoses from tools when not in use
  • Plugging tool inlets when changing attachments
  • Sealing off air lines not being used
  • Blocking off outlets at manifolds or junctions

The plugs help organize your compressed air system by capping off any unused connections. No more twisting loose hoses to bleed pressure.

Premium Durable Construction

These air plugs are precisely machined from zinc-plated steel for maximum toughness and corrosion resistance.

Key features include:

  • 1/2″ NPT threads – fits all standard air line fittings
  • Zinc plating – prevents rust and oxidation
  • 300 PSI max pressure rating
  • T-handle design for easy gripping

The zinc coating provides protection from rust and corrosion – important in humid workshop environments.

The chunky T-shaped handle gives you plenty of grip and leverage when screwing in or removing the plugs. No more slippery fingers struggling with slick round plugs!

Universal Compatibility

The 1/2″ NPT threads work with all major pneumatic systems including:

  • Air compressors
  • Air hoses
  • Distribution blocks
  • Couplers and quick disconnects
  • Pressure regulators
  • Air filters
  • Lubricators
  • Pneumatic tools

Other key features:

  • 1/2″ flow size – supports heavy air demand tools
  • Pre-applied thread sealant for instant air-tight use
  • For use with air pressures up to 300 PSI maximum

The generous 1/2″ flow size easily handles high consumption air tools like impact wrenches, ratchets or spray guns without pressure drop.

Ideal for Any Pneumatic System

The WYNNsky air plugs are perfect for:

  • Auto repair shops – connect/disconnect air impact tools
  • Woodworking shops – cap tool inlets during bit changes
  • Metal fabrication – block off unused air manifold outlets
  • Tire shops – plug air hoses when swapping equipment
  • Spray booths – seal off paint sprayer lines

Any application using compressed air will benefit from the convenience of these industrial grade plugs.

The durability and sealing ability exceeds lower quality brass or plastic inserts. And the zinc coating outlasts chrome plated variants.

What’s Included

This listing is for a pack of 2 WYNNsky steel air plugs with the following:

  • 2 x 1/2″ NPT threaded plugs
  • Pre-applied thread sealant on each plug

The sealant allows for instant leak-free use direct from the package.

High quality air fittings like these are crucial to get the most out of your pneumatic tools and equipment.

Press “Add to Cart” now to stop wasting time twisting loose air hoses. The quick connect ability will save you significant effort during each workday!


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