WORKPRO Magnetic Hex Bit Organizer – 39 Hole Screwdriver Drill Bit Holder with Strong Magnetic Base for Tool Storage


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Tired of spending way too much time rummaging through your toolbox to find the right bit for the job? Introducing the WORKPRO Magnetic Hex Bit Organizer – the smartest way to store, organize, and transport all your screwdriver bits.

This genius magnetic organizer tray neatly stores up to 39 of your 1⁄4 inch hex bits, keeping them tidy and easy to find. The strong ferrite magnet base securely holds the tray in place so your bits don’t spill everywhere, whether you mount it to your toolbox or workbench. No more frustration searching for the bit you need or accidental spills making a mess.

Powerful Magnetic Base Holds Tray Securely In Place

The secret behind this organizer’s incredible holding power is the sturdy magnetic base. Constructed from a specialized ferrite magnet compound, the base generates an incredibly strong magnetic force to lock the tray firmly in place on any steel surface. Mount it on your toolbox, workbench, or tool cabinet drawer for easy access to your bits anytime.

The rubberized bottom ensures a non-slip grip and prevents scratches. The magnet securely adheres to vertical, horizontal, or inverted surfaces while protecting your tools from damage.

Holds Up To 39 Bits – 1⁄4 Inch Hex Bits and Bit Driver

The organizer tray features 39 holes specially designed to accommodate standard 1⁄4 inch hex screwdriver bits. Each bit slots into a hole to keep it neatly in place and prevent rattling around or spills.

The tray also includes space to store a bit driver handle so you have everything you need in one organizer. No more hunting around for the driver that fits your bits!

Whether you’re a casual DIYer or a professional tradesman, this organizer has the capacity to hold a versatile assortment of the bits you use most often for quick access. Stock it with all your go-to bits and stop wasting time searching.

Built-In Parts Storage Tray

This organizer doesn’t just hold your bits – it also features a handy parts tray to keep track of screws, bolts, and other small fasteners as you work.

The bottom of the tray has a grid of small magnetic storage compartments perfect for temporarily holding those tiny parts that always seem to disappear as soon as you set them down. The magnets keep them safely in place to prevent frustrating hunts for that last screw you just had a second ago.

Once you’re done with a part, simply slide it off the magnetic base and into your pocket or back where it belongs. This keeps all your hardware organized as you move around the job site or garage, preventing lost parts or tools left behind.

Premium Protective Construction

Built from durable PP+PVC plastic, this organizer is made to handle heavy daily use without showing wear and tear. The semi-rigid plastic protects your bits from getting damaged while providing structure to keep them upright in the tray.

Not only is it durable, but it’s designed with your other tools in mind too. The protective storage sleeve prevents the magnet from scratching up your toolbox or workbench when mounted. No more nagging worries about damaging your expensive tools.

The temperature resistance ensures the organizer retains its integrity even when exposed to extreme workshop environments from -9°F to 122°F. Whether on a hot job site or in a cold garage, this bit holder can handle the conditions.

Thanks to the tough plastic and rubber construction, you can toss it in your toolbox without concern about chips, cracks, or scratches during transport. Take it on the go to keep your bits organized at any job site.

Organized Tool Storage Saves Time

If you’re constantly wasting time searching for the right bit, scraper, or specialty tool for the task at hand, then it’s time to get organized. An efficient tool storage system cuts down on frustrating hunts so you can grab what you need in seconds.

This magnetic hex bit organizer is the ideal accessory to instantly impose order on your haphazard toolbox situation. Mount it front and center so your go-to bits are visible at a glance for quick identification and access.

Group all your screwdriving bits together in one place to eliminate the all too common experience of knocking over a toolbox in search of one item. Having organized tools within arm’s reach makes tasks quicker and easier.

Why You’ll Love This Magnetic Bit Organizer

✅ Powerful magnetic base for secure mounting anywhere

✅ Holds up to 39 bits plus a bit driver handle

✅ Built-in parts storage tray keeps hardware organized

✅ Durable plastic construction handles heavy use

✅ Protective sleeve prevents scratching tools or surfaces

✅ Easy to transport and keeps bits tidy in any location

Take back your valuable time and frustration by organizing your tool collection with the WORKPRO Magnetic Hex Bit Organizer. Quickly locate the right bit every time to work smarter and faster.


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