WEN 6307 Variable Speed Detailing File Sander – Smooth Finishing for Intricate Projects


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The WEN 6307 Variable Speed Detailing File Sander is the perfect power tool for hobbyists, woodworkers, automotive enthusiasts, and DIYers looking to achieve a smooth, detailed finish on their projects. With variable speed control, a pivoting sanding belt, and tool-free belt changes, this file sander allows you to tackle intricate sanding applications with ease.

Variable Speed for Precision Control

The key feature of this detail sander is its variable speed control that lets you adjust the belt speed anywhere from 1080 to 1800 FPM. The 6 amp motor provides power and torque while the speed dial gives you precision control over the sanding process. Speeding up the belt allows for aggressive stock removal and leveling while slowing it down lets you achieve a fine polished finish without risk of damage. Dial in the exact speed needed for the material and task at hand.

Auto-Tracking Belt System

An auto-tracking belt mechanism keeps the 1/2 inch by 18 inch sanding belt centered and tensioned at all times. There are no manual adjustments needed. Simply install a belt and the sander automatically aligns and tensions it for you. This ensures smooth, efficient performance without belt wander or slippage during use. The system also extends the life of the sanding belts.

Pivoting Belt for Versatility

A unique feature of the WEN detail sander is the ability to pivot the sanding belt up to 55° along a 50° range of motion. This allows you to use the belt in vertical, horizontal, and angled orientations. Get into corners and crevices with ease. Smooth edges and hard-to-reach areas without re-positioning the workpiece. The pivoting belt provides versatility for sanding applications that fixed-position belt sanders simply can’t accomplish.

Tool-Free Belt Changes

Changing sanding belts is a quick and easy process thanks to the tool-free belt release. There are no screws or clamps to mess with. Simply engage the release bar, remove the old belt, install the new one, and re-engage the release. You can go from coarse sanding to fine polishing in seconds. The sander comes with three gritbelts (80, 120, and 180 grit) to handle a variety of sanding needs.

Dust Collection Port

The detail sander has a built-in 1-1/4″ dust port that allows you to connect a shop vacuum for dust collection while working on projects. Keep your work area clean by extracting dust and debris as you sand. The vacuum hose adapter is included. Reduce clean up time and avoid breathing fine particulates.

Lightweight, Compact Size

Weighing in at just 5.3 pounds, the WEN detailing file sander is lightweight and easy to manipulate. The compact 10″ x 5″ footprint fits nicely in your hand and takes up minimal space on the workbench or toolbox. Easy to transport and store. Ideal for DIYers with small home shops.


The variable speed control, pivoting action, and small size make this detail sander well-suited for projects like:

  • Woodworking – Sanding contours and edges of furniture, cabinets, carvings.
  • Automotive – Smoothing body filler, removing paint and rust, polishing.
  • Crafting – Sanding and shaping materials like leather, plastic, and metal.
  • Home Improvement – Prepping surfaces for stain and paint. Detailing trims and moldings.

Use it by hand or mount it in a bench vise for stationary use. Tackle precision sanding applications that larger belt sanders simply can’t handle.


  • Power: 6 amp motor
  • Belt Speed: 1080-1800 FPM
  • Belt Size: 1/2 in. x 18 in.
  • Belt Pivot Range: 50° (up to 55° tilt)
  • Dimensions: 10 x 5 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 5.3 pounds
  • Includes: 3 belts (80, 120, 180 grit), dust port adapter
  • Warranty: 2 years

High Quality Construction

Like all WEN products, the 6307 detailing file sander is built to last. It features a durable steel housing, sealed ball bearings in the belt arm, a rubberized grip for comfort and control, and industrial power to tackle tough sanding jobs without bogging down. Backed by a 2-year warranty.

Affordable Detail Sander

For the price, you won’t find a more capable and versatile detail sander. Value-packed with useful features yet affordable enough for any do-it-yourselfer. Variable speed control lets you customize the sanding process while the auto-tracking belt system provides hassle-free performance.

Smooth Finishes Made Easy

Take your projects to the next level with perfectly smooth finishes. The WEN Variable Speed Detailing File Sander gives you the precision sanding capabilities of professional woodworkers and automotive specialists in a compact, easy-to-use tool. Dial in just the right speed and angle to achieve the detailed results you want.


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