Weld Like a Pro with the Forney Easy Weld 298 120-Volt 90-Amp Arc Welder


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The Forney Easy Weld 298 is a versatile and powerful arc welder that delivers professional quality welds for DIY and home shop use. With 120-volt input and 90-amp output, this inverter-powered welder can handle up to 1/8 inch welding rods for a wide range of applications.

Welds up to 1/8 Inch Rod

The Easy Weld 298 provides a smooth, steady arc for welding mild steel, stainless steel and cast iron. It is ideal for 1/16 inch rods, but can handle rods up to 1/8 inch for better penetration on thicker metals. Weld steel up to 1/4 inch thick in a single pass. Stick weld projects like auto body repair, machinery parts, home improvement projects and more.

Inverter Technology for Consistent Welds

An inverter power system allows this 120V welder to deliver a high 90-amp output comparable to much larger 240V welders. Inverter technology provides a smooth, consistent arc for higher quality welds than traditional transformer welders. Get precise current control and arc stability for easily striking and maintaining an arc.

Standard 120V Household Plug-In

Forget about complicated wiring, this welder simply plugs into a standard 120-volt household outlet with the 6 foot power cord. The high inverter frequency enables efficient power conversion from the wall outlet to provide up to 20% duty cycle for continuous welding. Easily move the compact 42 pound welder anywhere needed in your home shop.

Smooth Arc Starts

Starting an arc can be frustrating for beginners. The Easy Weld 298 makes it easy with a Hot Start feature that provides a boost when striking an arc to start the weld quickly. Adjustable current control up to 90A helps fine tune the arc for the material thickness. An electrode holder with 20-foot cable gives ample working room.

Overload & Thermal Protection

Safety features like automatic overload protection and a built-in cooling fan prevent overheating and damage if the duty cycle is exceeded. The welding arc will shut off if overheating occurs and automatically resets when cooled. An over-voltage warning light indicates unstable power supply issues.

Compact, Lightweight Design

Weighing just 42 lbs., the Easy Weld 298 is extremely portable. The all-metal case with handle provides durability. With dimensions of just 18 x 11 x 15 inches, it takes up minimal space on a workbench or welding cart. Convenient front-mounted controls make adjustments quick and easy.

TIG Capable for Advanced Welding

For more advanced welders, the Easy Weld 298 can be used for DC stick welding and DC TIG welding with the addition of a TIG torch. The smooth, stable arc works well for the lower amperages used in TIG welding stainless steel or thinner metals. Expand your welding capabilities.

Forney Quality for Over 90 Years

Forney has been manufacturing high quality welding equipment and accessories in the U.S. since 1932. The Easy Weld lives up to Forney’s reputation for making rugged, reliable welding machines designed for everyday use. It comes with a 1-year warranty on parts, labor and components.

Whether you are new to welding or a seasoned welder, the Easy Weld 298 120-Volt 90-Amp Arc Welder is an extremely versatile machine and outstanding value. Tackle household repairs, auto jobs, machining projects and more with professional welds in your own garage.


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