WDT Tool Wirsh Magnetic Espresso Distributor with 10 X 0.35mm Needles – Premium Stainless Steel Coffee Distribution Tool for Espresso and Drip




Level up your morning brew with the WDT Tool Wirsh espresso distributor. Designed for both pro baristas and home brewers, this high-quality stainless steel coffee distribution tool helps achieve balanced extraction and flavorful espresso shots.

The WDT distributes your coffee grounds evenly before tamping to avoid channeling and inconsistent extraction. Engineered with precision 0.35mm needles, this professional-grade accessory is a must for crafting café-quality coffee.

Engineered for Precision Extraction

Channelling and uneven extraction can ruin an otherwise perfect shot. The secret to balanced espresso lies in evenly distributing the coffee grounds in the portafilter basket before tamping. This allows water to flow through the puck consistently during the brewing process.

The WDT tool features 10 sturdy 0.35mm stainless steel needles that gently break up clumps as you stir the grounds in a circular motion. The result is uniform density and optimized extraction for rich, aromatic shots.

Durable Stainless Steel Construction

Crafted entirely from food-grade 304 stainless steel, this coffee distribution tool is built to last through daily use. The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip during the stirring process.

The high-quality materials also make cleaning simple – just rinse under running water. An occasional deep clean with cafiza will keep it looking like new.

Thanks to the detachable needle design, you can easily swap out any bent needles. We include 10 replacement needles with every distributor so you always have backups ready.

Magnetic Docking Station for Convenient Storage

The smart magnetic design allows the WDT tool to effortlessly attach to the included docking stand or other metal surfaces like your espresso machine. This keeps it readily accessible when crafting shots.

The stand provides a convenient resting place that avoids cluttering up your coffee bar. It also helps protect the delicate needles from bending during storage.

Engineered for All Espresso Machines

This distribution tool is sized to fit the portafilter baskets of all commercial and home espresso machines. The 58mm diameter allows the needles to stir directly inside the basket for a seamless workflow.

Suitable for dosing anywhere from 16g to 22g, this accessory streamlines the pre-tamping process so you can craft consistent shots every time. It’s equally effective for single and double shot baskets.

For Espresso and Drip Coffee Brewing

While designed specifically for espresso, this coffee grounds distribution tool also works wonders for drip coffee. Use it to break up clumps in your filter basket or carafe. This leads to uniform saturation and full flavor extraction.

The stainless steel is non-reactive so it won’t impact flavor like some plastic tools. It also won’t bend or wear like cheaper metal options.

Premium Quality You Can Trust

We stand behind the quality, durability, and performance of the WDT Tool Wirsh espresso distributor. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. That’s why we provide a 2-year replacement warranty as well as friendly customer service 7 days a week.

Bring café-caliber precision to your home brewing setup. Get the WDT Tool Wirsh and experience the joy of balanced, aromatic shots and full-bodied coffee. Order today!


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