Vlouxzi Garage Heavy Duty Hooks – The Ultimate Storage Solution for Your Garage


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Tired of tripping over cords, hoses, and tools cluttering up your garage floor? Looking for an easy way to get organized so you can actually park your car inside? Then it’s time to get the Vlouxzi Garage Heavy Duty Hooks. These rugged and versatile hooks are the perfect solution for creating an organized garage that maximizes your storage space.

Heavy-Duty Design Holds Up to 150 lbs

Built from durable steel with a rustproof coating, each Vlouxzi hook can hold up to 150 pounds. That means you can securely hang bicycles, ladders, tires, and even strollers without worrying about the hook bending or breaking. No more constantly picking up fallen tools or kicking aside tangled extension cords. The thick 12.4 inch hooks have enough space for bulky items and are coated in a non-slip rubber that protects your gear from scratches while keeping it safely in place.

Smart Double Hook Design

The Vlouxzi hooks come in a pack of two so you can hang items side by side and maximize your vertical storage. Hang your shovel and rake together or your bike and lawn mower handle to handle. The paired hooks help you organize your space intelligently, keeping like items together and freeing up precious floor space. No more stacking cans of paint and boxes of tools into unsteady piles that inevitably come crashing down.

Versatile Storage for Garage, Basement, Shed and Beyond

While they’re ideal for garage storage, the uses for these rugged hooks don’t stop there. They’re perfect for creating storage space in the laundry room, workshop, mudroom, basement, attic, dorm room, commercial warehouse, and anywhere else you need heavy-duty hooks. Use them inside your shed to hang gardening tools or string lights. Install them in the basement to organize folding chairs and keep seasonal decorations off the floor. Hang brooms, jackets, pet leashes and more by the back or side door. The possibilities are endless!

Easy Installation in Just Minutes

Setting up your new Vlouxzi hooks couldn’t be simpler. Just use the included hardware to mount them securely onto wall studs and they’re ready to hold up your stuff. No need to locate and drill into studs yourself. The rustproof finish means you can install them in the garage, basement, or shed without worrying about moisture damage over time. Hang multiple sets of hooks in a row at different heights to maximize your organization. Before you know it, you’ll have a storage solution that takes your space from cluttered to tidy in no time.


  • Set of 2 heavy duty steel hooks holds up to 150 lbs each
  • 12.4 inch length provides ample room for bulky items
  • Rubber coating protects items from scratches and slipping
  • Rustproof finish ideal for garage, shed, basement use
  • Mounting hardware included for easy installation
  • Create vertical storage to free up floor space
  • Organize garage, basement, laundry and more

Customer Reviews

*”I bought these to hang ladders, hoses, and lawn tools in my garage and they work great. Very sturdy and the rubber helps grip items without scratching them.”*

*”Easy to install and perfect for getting stuff off the garage floor. Freed up a ton of space so I can actually walk around and park inside.”*

*”I love the double hook design. I have one for garden tools and one for folding chairs. Keeps everything neat and organized.”*

*”These hooks are beasts! Easily hold heavy tools, bags of fertilizer, and ladder. My garage looks so much cleaner now.”*

Take Your Garage from Cluttered to Organized in Minutes

Don’t waste another minute stumbling around a disorganized, cluttered garage. Get the heavy duty storage solution you need with the Vlouxzi Garage Hooks. Their versatile double hook design and rugged steel construction let you hang just about anything, while the included hardware makes installation a breeze. Finally take control of your space and create the tidy, organized garage you’ve always wanted!


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