Viking Axe – Viking Hatchet Custom Handmade Pizza Cutting Axe with Leather Sheath – Meat Cutting Axe Personalized Gifts – Gifts for Him – Made in USA (Cognac)


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Experience the bold, rustic style of ancient Vikings with this hand-forged Viking axe, perfect for splitting logs, throwing, or pizza cutting. Expertly crafted in the USA, this unique axe combines durability, stellar balance, and ornate detailing for a specialized tool that’s as much art as it is functional.

One-of-a-Kind Design

Drawing inspiration from axes wielded by fierce Nordic warriors, this handmade Viking axe stands out with its shapely, hand-polished 8.5 inch carbon steel head and curved cutting edge. The distinctive shape provides ideal weight distribution and powerful momentum with each swing.

Premium Materials

The axe head and collar are forged from tough, durable carbon steel and finished by hand to create contrasting brushed and polished textures. The ergonomic handle is carved from solid ash wood and lightly burned for an eye-catching, rugged look.

Smooth Swinging Action

Expert craftsmanship ensures the head, handle, and wooden wedge fit together snugly for a tight, secure construction. The flawless alignment prevents looseness while allowing the axe to swing smoothly and nimbly. The premium balance empowers easy, accurate strikes.

Genuine Leather Sheath

The included leather sheath safely contains the razor-sharp axe blade while also lending rugged style. Crafted from thick, weather-resistant cowhide leather, the sheath features intricate hand-stitched details and a sturdy belt loop for carrying convenience.

Built for Versatility

Use this multi-purpose axe for chopping wood, throwing at targets, or even cutting pizza! The curved blade shape causes minimal sticking as you slice through meats, cheeses, and more. A hand-rubbed oil finish protects the wood handle from moisture.

Custom Engraving

Make the axe a personalized gift by adding custom engraving. Names, dates, monograms, and messages can be etched directly into the steel using an intricate saltwater etching process that ensures permanent, fade-proof marks.

Handcrafted in the USA

This unique Viking axe is skillfully hand-forged by master craftsmen in the United States. Meticulous attention to detail ensures high-quality construction and authentic styling. Satisfaction is guaranteed.


– Head Material: Forged Carbon Steel
– Handle Material: Ash Wood
– Head Height: 5 inches
– Cutting Edge: 8.5 inches
– Overall Length: 10.25 inches
– Handle Length: 8.5 inches
– Weight: 2.2 lbs
– Handmade in the USA

With its bold styling, premium craftsmanship, and multi-use functionality, this hand-forged Viking axe makes a novel gift for the bearded woodsman or medieval history buff in your life. Personalize it with custom engraving to commemorate a special occasion or recipient.


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