Tweco Premium 100ft Welding Lead Kit – Complete 1/0 Gauge Cable Set for Stick Welding with Electrode Holder, Ground Clamp & Connectors


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Take your stick welding to the next level with this complete premium welding lead kit from Tweco. This package comes with everything you need for high capacity, heavy duty stick welding including 100 feet of thick 1/0 gauge copper welding cable, a 300 amp ground clamp, 250 amp electrode holder, cable connectors and lug terminals.

Heavy Duty 1/0 Gauge 100ft Welding Cable

At the heart of this kit is 100 feet of top quality 1/0 gauge welding cable. The thick 1/0 gauge conductors are made from high purity copper for maximum current capacity and conductivity. This heavy cable is designed for demanding stick welding applications where you need to pull high amp loads over longer distances. The extra thick 1/0 gauge conductors minimize voltage drop, ensuring strong, steady arc performance across the full length of the cable.

300 Amp Ground Clamp – For Superior Grounding

Properly grounding your workpiece is critical for safe, effective stick welding. This kit includes a Tweco GC300 ground clamp that provides a solid, low resistance ground connection for 1/0 gauge cable. The large clamp jaw has serrated teeth that bite through rust, paint and dirt to make good electrical contact. A bail style leveraged design allows you to apply massive 300 amp clamping force with minimal hand strength.

250 Amp Electrode Holder – Comfortable and Durable

The electrode holder is one of the most important components for quality stick welding. An unstable arc and poor rod control will make it difficult to lay consistent welds. This package comes with a Tweco 250 amp electrode holder that provides a sturdy, comfortable grip to help you maintain a steady hand position for superior weld control. The rugged holder is built with high grade copper components to stand up to heavy duty welding amperages.

High Capacity Cable Lugs & Connectors

Connecting and securing the cable is easy with the included Tweco MPC-1 cable connectors and 2AF lug terminals. The MPC-1 connectors tightly join the lead ends to the ground clamp and electrode holder using set screws for a slip-free, high conductivity connection. Two heavy duty 2AF lugs allow you to securely attach the cable ends to your welder output terminals.

Premium Complete Welding Lead Kit

When it comes to stick welding having a high quality, properly sized lead kit makes all the difference. This complete 1/0 gauge package gives you everything you need for high capacity, heavy duty stick welding in one convenient set. No more piecing together low quality cables, clamps and accessories trying to get a high performance welding lead system. Upgrade your stick welding experience today with this premium welding lead package from Tweco!

Package Includes:

  • 100 ft. 1/0 Gauge Welding Cable
  • Tweco GC300 300 Amp Ground Clamp
  • Tweco 250 Amp Electrode Holder
  • Tweco MPC-1 Cable Connectors – Qty 2
  • Tweco 2AF Lug Terminals – Qty 2

Key Features:

  • Complete premium welding lead kit for stick welding
  • 100 ft. thick 1/0 gauge copper welding cable
  • Heavy duty 300 amp ground clamp
  • Durable 250 amp electrode holder
  • High capacity cable connectors and lug terminals
  • Longer cable reach with reduced voltage drop
  • Maximum current capacity for heavy duty stick welding
  • Strong, steady arc performance across full cable length

Technical Details:

  • Cable Length: 100 ft.
  • Cable Gauge: 1/0
  • Cable Type: Single Cable Lead
  • Clamp Type: Bail Lever Clamp
  • Clamp Capacity: 300 Amps
  • Holder Capacity: 250 Amps
  • Connectors: Tweco MPC-1
  • Lug Terminals: Tweco 2AF
  • Weld Cable Composition: 100% Copper

Get complete welding lead capability in one premium package. Order the Tweco 100ft stick welding lead kit today!


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