Titanium MIG Welding Gun – 15ft, 180A, 5-Pin


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Take your MIG welding to the next level with this heavy-duty 15ft 180A 5-pin MIG gun. Specifically designed to fit the Titanium Unlimited 200 MIG welder, this rugged gun has the power and reach to make welding large projects easy. The generous 15ft cable gives you the freedom to weld big parts without having to reposition the welder continuously. And at 180A, you have all the amperage you need for 1/4 inch steel, aluminum, stainless, and other metals.

Superior Comfort and Control

The ergonomic handle on this MIG gun fits comfortably in your hand even during long welding sessions. The easy-to-reach trigger gives you precise control over the welding arc. The insulated neck protects your hand from spatter and the heat of the weld. And the thumb-controlled lock keeps the gun secure when not in use.

Rugged and Durable Construction

This gun is built to withstand the demands of heavy-duty welding. The rugged metal body and quality internal components ensure reliable performance even after years of regular use. The precisely engineered euro-style connection provides a tight, secure fit with the Titanium Unlimited 200 MIG welder. And the generous strain relief protects the cable connection point from accidental damage.

Quick and Simple Maintenance

Replacing the contact tip and nozzle is fast and easy, with no tools required. Simply twist off the front end parts and twist new ones on. This allows you to quickly swap out parts when they wear out from the heat and spatter of welding. Keeping your gun in top shape improves weld quality and extends the gun’s overall service life.

Superior Results for All Your Projects

This MIG gun has the versatility to weld materials from 22ga sheet metal to 1/4 inch steel. It excels at welding automotive panels, truck frames, machinery parts, structural steel, trailers, implements, artwork, and repairs. Whether you’re working on farm equipment in the shop, welding up a trailer outdoors, or tackling a metal sculpture in the garage, this gun delivers exceptional results.

Why Choose a Titanium Unlimited MIG Gun?

  • Compatible with Titanium Unlimited 200 MIG welder
  • 180A welding capacity for 1/4 inch steel
  • 15ft cable length for welding large parts
  • Ergonomic handle provides superior comfort
  • Rugged metal body built for frequent use
  • Replaceable contact tips and nozzles
  • Versatile for automotive, fabrication, machining, art

For outstanding performance and exceptional results from your Titanium Unlimited 200 MIG welder, choose this rugged 180A 5-pin 15ft MIG welding gun. It has the features, power and durability you need to take on any welding project with ease.


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