Thrifco 1″ Slip x Slip x Slip PVC Wye Fittings, 10 Pack


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Need reliable PVC fittings for your next plumbing project? Look no further than this 10 pack of 1″ slip x slip x slip PVC wye fittings from Thrifco. These durable fittings are made of SCH 40 PVC for strength and reliability. The slip design creates a watertight seal when used with PVC pipe and primer + cement.

Rugged PVC Construction

Thrifco’s PVC wye fittings are injection molded from durable PVC compounds that meet cell classification 12454 per ASTM D1784. This means you get excellent chemical and corrosion resistance, even under pressure. The material is also impact-resistant so it can withstand job site abuse. Overall, this SCH 40 rated PVC offers superior performance and longevity.

Versatile Slip Fittings

These wye fittings feature a convenient slip-on design that creates a secure, watertight connection with standard 1″ PVC pipe. Just apply primer and cement to both the pipe and the fitting sockets, then insert the pipe into the fitting. The solvent welding process chemically fuses and seals the joint. No need for threading or clamps.

Since they easily connect to existing solvent weld systems, these PVC wye fittings are ideal for repairs, replacements, and new installations. Use them for drain, waste, vent (DWV) applications as well as cold water distribution lines.

Labor Saving Pack of 10

Each package contains 10 x 1″ PVC slip wye fittings, providing you with all the connectors you need for most jobs. This saves you time and trips to the store compared to buying individual fittings. No more wasting half a can of primer + cement on single joints.

Bulk packages also allow you to stock up so you always have essential fittings on hand. No more emergency runs to the hardware store or delayed projects while you wait for supplies.

More About Thrifco

With decades of experience, Thrifco is a leading manufacturer of PVC fittings for plumbing and industrial systems. They continually invest in advanced manufacturing technologies to improve quality standards. Rigorous testing and inspection ensures their PVC fittings meet or exceed all applicable ASTM standards.

Thrifco believes in providing high-value products and excellent customer service. Their PVC fittings deliver reliable performance at an affordable price. When you choose Thrifco, you know you’re getting the quality you expect with the value you deserve.

Why Choose Thrifco’s PVC Wye Fittings?

  • Made from durable, SCH 40 PVC for strength and reliability
  • Slip-on design creates secure, watertight connections to PVC pipe
  • Ideal for DWV systems, water lines, repairs, replacements, and new installs
  • Labor-saving 10 pack provides all the fittings needed for most jobs
  • Trusted Thrifco quality at an affordable price

Order Risk-Free Today!

Stock up on these versatile PVC wye fittings for your next plumbing project. Thrifco’s 10 pack slip x slip x slip design ensures leak-free performance and durability. Buy now with confidence!


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