Take the Guesswork Out of Drilling with the Ruitool Adjustable Drill Depth Stop




Tired of ruining projects by drilling holes too deep? Struggling to drill repeat holes to the exact same depth? The Ruitool Adjustable Drill Depth Stop takes the frustration out of drilling by allowing you to pre-set depths for consistent, accurate holes every time.

Precisely Control Drilling Depth for Flawless Results

With the Ruitool drill stop collar set, you can easily adjust the depth limiting rings to match the depth you need for a project. The large collar fits drill bits ranging from 15/64”- 7/16” (0.23”-0.43”) in size, while the smaller collar accommodates bits from 5/64”-3/16” (0.078”-0.18”).

Simply slide the ring onto your drill bit, tighten it in place at the desired depth, and drill away with confidence, knowing the collar will stop your drill bit at just the right depth. No more guessing how deep to drill or accidentally drilling clear through your material. The adjustable stop collars take the frustration and inconsistency out of drilling, giving you professional quality results.

Durable, Heavy-Duty Construction for Precision Performance

Constructed from sturdy aluminum alloy, these drill depth stops provide the strength and durability to withstand regular use without bending, cracking or stripping. The rugged metal material also resists wear and tear over time, maintaining the precise limiting function drill after drill.

The solid nylon inner ring keeps the collar firmly locked in place on the drill bit, preventing unwanted slipping or movement during drilling. This ensures the collar stops the drill at the precise depth you pre-set every time for consistent accuracy.

With its durable metal construction that securely locks in place, this drill depth stop provides reliable precision that both professionals and DIYers will appreciate.

Universal Use for Drilling in Wood, Metal, Plastic and More

The drill limiting collars work with nearly any hand drill and are perfect for repetitive drilling tasks into a variety of materials including:

  • Wood – Bore pocket holes for woodworking, drill pilot holes for screws
  • Tile – Drill holes for anchors and hardware installation
  • Plastic – Drill holes for fasteners in plastic materials
  • Metal – Limit depth for tapping holes or drilling into sheet metal
  • Brick/Concrete – Stop anchor holes at the right depth

The collar quickly mounts to any straight shank drill bit, making it a versatile addition to any DIYer or professional’s tool kit. Use it for drilling cabinet hardware mounting holes, pocket holes, electrical work, tapping metal – the possibilities are endless!

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty aluminum alloy construction is lightweight yet extremely durable
  • Nylon inner ring keeps collar firmly locked in position on drill bit
  • Large collar accepts 15/64”- 7/16” drill bits
  • Smaller collar fits drill bits from 5/64”-3/16”
  • Quickly adjust collar to required drilling depth for accuracy
  • Stops drill bit right at pre-set depth to prevent drilling too deep
  • Universal use for wood, metal, tile, plastic, masonry and more

Take the Uncertainty Out of Drilling

Don’t waste time re-drilling holes that are slightly off depth or ruin projects by boring holes too deep. With the Ruitool adjustable depth stop collar, you can set drilling depths quickly and easily for consistent accuracy.

The durable metal construction withstands regular use without slipping or failing, giving you precise depth control hole after hole. Stop guessing and start drilling with confidence by equipping your drill with this versatile depth limiter.


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