Swpeet 10” Adjustable SpokeShave with Flat Base Metal Blade Wood Working Hand Tool Perfect for Wood Craft Wood Craver Wood Working


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Get precise control over curved and irregular surfaces with the Swpeet 10” Adjustable SpokeShave – the ideal hand tool for detailed wood shaping, smoothing, and finishing.

The durable, well-balanced steel body paired with a high carbon SK2 blade allows for effortless two-handed operation and easily customizable cuts. Quickly tackle concave, convex, and uneven shapes on furniture, boats, musical instruments, paddles, and more.

Key Features:

– 10 inch carbon steel blade for strength and holding an edge
– 58-60HRC hardness for longevity
– Flat base provides stability
– Comfortable contoured hand grips
– Epoxy coating prevents corrosion
– Adjustable mouth opening from 0 – 2mm
– Easy control of shaving thickness
– Great for curved surfaces

Precision Control of Shaping & Smoothing

Shaping and smoothing uneven, curved, and detailed wood surfaces is made simple with the Swpeet Adjustable SpokeShave. The thin flat blade and weighted body lets you tweak your grip for maximal control over the cut depth and direction.

The adjustable mouth opening provides the flexibility to take anything from fine wispy shavings to thicker smoothing cuts. Lock in the exact blade depth you need for the task at hand.

Glide the tool along the workpiece using the flat base for stability. The ergonomic handles provide a sure grip so your hands won’t fatigue quickly. The 10 inch carbon steel blade ensures the length needed to plane longer surfaces.

Use the spokeshave after rough cutting with bandsaws, chainsaws, drawknives, or other tools. Then finesse, smooth, and finish wooden surfaces to your desired shape.

Durable Construction for Long Term Use

The Swpeet Adjustable SpokeShave is built from quality materials designed to withstand regular use on demanding woodworking jobs.

The high carbon SK2 grade steel provides a hard, durable edge that stays sharp. It takes and holds an exceptional edge for clean smooth cuts and maximum mileage between sharpenings.

Heat treating hardens the high carbon steel body to resist nicks and wear while retaining enough flex for durability. This prevents cracking under load which can happen with overly hardened blades.

A corrosion-resistant epoxy coating protects from rust and moisture. The flat base uses wear-resistant iron to reduce friction and prevent scratching workpieces.

Overall, the sturdy metal construction will provide years of reliable shaping, smoothing, and finishing in any workshop. A valuable addition to any woodworkers tool collection.

Convenient & Versatile for All Projects

A high performing spoke shave is a remarkably versatile tool that every wood shop needs. The Swpeet model excels at tackling the contours and irregularities inherent in woodworking that other tools can’t refine.

The thin blade and controlled mouth opening allow you to shave surfaces flush or create molded shapes. Quickly fine-tune curves, smooth roughness, remove high spots, and perfect joints.

Use it to chamfer edges, soften sharp angles, trim end grain, or delicately shape sensitive areas. Effortlessly clean up tear out from other tools or saw marks on exposed areas.

Sculpt chair arms, table legs, handrails, musical instruments, bowls, and any other rounded, curved, or organic shaped pieces to your precise contours.

Projects It Excels At:

– Shaping and smoothing chairs, rocking chairs, stools
– Perfecting contours on wood bowls, vases, pots
– Detailing handles, legs, spindles, rungs, dowels
– Instrument making – necks, headstocks, bodies
– Smoothing paddles, oars, boat hull interiors
– Finishing and detailing furniture surfaces
– Removing saw marks on final surfaces

Premium Hand Tool for Craftsmen

Serious woodworkers know hand tools can often outperform power tools for fine detail work. The Swpeet 10” Adjustable SpokeShave provides optimal finesse and control.

The high carbon steel flat blade and weighted body provides hours of fatigue-free use. Dial in the exact cut you need with the adjustable mouth opening.

Take your wood projects to the next level by refining the smallest contours and surfaces. Get professional quality smoothing and finishing results quickly with this spoke shave.

For meticulous hand worked perfection, the Swpeet Adjustable SpokeShave belongs in every workshop.


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