Sumi Living Mini DIY Crafts Hot Air Heat Gun


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Heat and shape your creative projects with precision using the Sumi Living Mini DIY Crafts Hot Air Heat Gun. This compact 110V heat tool packs the power to heat, shrink, bend, and mold a variety of materials for arts, crafts, home improvement, and repair projects.

The portable mini heat gun reaches temperatures up to 200°C in just seconds, delivering a powerful and targeted stream of hot air perfect for applying heat shrink tubing, softening plastics, bending PVC, drying paint, loosening rusted bolts, and countless other applications where focused heat is needed. The slim nozzle concentrates the heat into a small area for maximum control.

Despite its small size, this hot air gun doesn’t compromise on power or safety. The durable stainless steel and ABS plastic construction is designed to withstand high heat. Integrated cooling vents prevent overheating of the internal components. And the textured easy-grip handle ensures the heat gun stays safely in your hand.

While operating, the tool sits upright on its built-in kickstand for hands-free use. The flat base also provides stability when using it on a tabletop or workbench.

Create and repair with confidence using this versatile mini heat gun tool:

Shrink Tubing and Wrap

Apply heat directly to shrink tubing, shrink wrap, and heat shrink labels to custom wrap wires, insulate terminals, and create professional seals and tags. The concentrated nozzle allows precise heat application without melting surrounding materials.

Shape and Form Plastics

Soften and manipulate plastic sheets, rods, tubing, and parts to bend them into shapes. Smooth and polish edges of cut plastic. Or make molds using plastic forming plates.

Loosen Rusted Bolts

Heat helps break rust’s grip, making stuck bolts and nuts easier to remove. Direct heat right where it’s needed without torch danger.

Dry Paint and Epoxy

Speed up cure times of paint, epoxy resin, glues, decals, and more with a targeted blast of hot air.

Embossing Powder

Quickly and evenly melt embossing powder on cards, labels, and crafts without scorching.

Assemble Models

Soften model assembly glue for a stronger bond. Gently heat polystyrene models without melting.

Remove Window Tint

Loosen old tint adhesive to remove car window tinting.

Scented Candles

Smooth layered wax while making decorative scented candles. Pop air bubbles in the wax.

The possibilities are endless with this versatile addition to your DIY toolbox!

Product Features:

– Maximum temp up to 200°C

– Built-in kickstand for hands-free operation

– Cooling vents prevent overheating

– Non-slip easy grip handle

– Lightweight and portable

– 110V power

– Stainless steel nozzle

– 8.9 inch length

Bring efficient, controllable heat to your craft room or workshop with the Sumi Living Mini DIY Crafts Hot Air Heat Gun.

What’s Included

– 1 x Mini Hot Air Heat Gun

– 1 x User Manual

Tips for Safe Use

For best results and safety:

– Do not block nozzle or cooling vents

– Allow unit to fully cool before storage

– Use for less than 10 minutes continuously

– Keep clear of flammable materials

– Maintain a distance between nozzle and workpiece

– Wear protective gloves

– Use a vise or clamps to hold small items

– Ensure adequate workspace ventilation

Transform plastic, shrink materials, and more with precise heat. Get crafty and repair like a pro with the Sumi Living Mini DIY Crafts Hot Air Heat Gun!


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