SubZero 14462 Ultimate Extendable Snowbroom – Heavy Duty Ice Scraper for Windshields




Winter’s here and your windshield needs special tools for snow and ice removal. Arm yourself with the SubZero 14462 Ultimate Extendable Snowbroom and take on bad weather with confidence.

This heavy duty ice scraper features an extra-wide squeegee and broom head to clear large sections of snow quickly. The telescoping aluminum handle extends your reach for easy cleaning of hard-to-access areas.

With the SubZero Ultimate Snowbroom, you’ll stay cozy in your vehicle while easily removing layers of snow, frost and ice from windshields.

Wide Squeegee + XL Broom Head

The SubZero snowbroom is engineered with a massive 13″ x 6” broom head to move large volumes of snow in a single pass. Made from a blend of PP and rubber, the head is flexible yet extremely durable.

The edges are reinforced with a thick rubber squeegee that flexes to follow the curves of your windshield. It wipes the glass clean while channeling away moisture and melted snow. No streaks, spots or leftover ice!

The oversized broom head paired with the T-style squeegee provide superior snow clearing power compared to basic ice scrapers. Clear your field of vision faster before hitting the road.

Telescopes 42″ to 62″

Reaching the entire windshield on a large truck or SUV can be difficult with a short handled snowbroom. But the SubZero Ultimate Snowbroom provides extra long reach thanks to the adjustable aluminum handle.

Simply twist the lock and telescope the handle from a compact 42 inches up to an extended 62 inches. The lightweight aircraft grade aluminum is strong and rust resistant.

The extra extension lets you easily clear snow from the center and hard-to-reach corners of your windshield – no more straining your back or arms. Your car interior stays dry as you work from the comfort of the driver’s seat.

Heavy Duty Ice Chippers + Scraper

Thick layers of ice can be difficult to crack through with standard scrapers. That’s why the SubZero snowbroom features industrial strength POWER-Force ice chippers on the broom head.

Two offset metal blades chip through solid ice and frost buildup. Use short strikes to penetrate the ice, then sweep chunks away with the broom.

A reinforced 4.5 inch chisel blade on the end of the handle scrapes off any remaining ice and frost. It clears all the way down to the glass for a perfectly transparent view.

The ice chippers provide serious scraping muscle for cold winter months when windshield ice can reach an inch or more in thickness.


  • Rubber T-squeegee for streak free cleaning
  • 13″ x 6″ XL broom head
  • Telescoping handle extends 42″ to 62″
  • Aircraft grade aluminum handle
  • Locking twist mechanism
  • POWER-Force ice chipper blades
  • 4.5” razor chisel scraper
  • Overall length: 42” to 62”

The Ultimate Winter Windshield Tool

Don’t waste time trying to clear snow and ice with flimsy tools that leave streaks and poor visibility. Equip your vehicle with the sleek and highly functional SubZero Ultimate Extendable Snowbroom.

The industrial strength ice chippers and scraper make quick work of frozen windshields. Just a few swipes with the squeegee broom clears away piles of snow, frost, and ice.

Stop struggling to reach all areas of your windshield. The long telescoping handle provides extended reach from the warmth of your driver’s seat.

This high performance snowbroom is engineered to withstand many harsh winters. The solid aluminum handle won’t bend or flex when chipping off solid ice.

Order the SubZero Ultimate Snowbroom today and take on winter weather with power, confidence and ease! Keep your windshield crystal clear all season long.


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