Stanley FATMAX Ultimate Garden Knife – Versatile Gardening Tool for Weeding and Digging


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Tame your garden with the Stanley FATMAX Ultimate Garden Knife. This versatile gardening tool allows you to dig, slice, saw and pull weeds with ease. The offset handle protects your hand while providing leverage for tough jobs. The tempered steel blade has a serrated edge to cut through soil and sod. The depth gauge helps you dig uniform holes. An ergonomic grip offers comfort and control.

Offset Handle Protects Your Hand

The offset handle keeps your knuckles safely away from the ground while digging and pulling weeds. The offset design also provides important leverage for slicing and sawing tough roots or soil. The handle is made from TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) which is durable and provides a secure grip even when wet or muddy.

V-Channel Weed Puller

The V-shaped channel near the base of the blade allows you to easily pull weeds, roots and all. Simply place the V around the base of the weed and pull up. The V-channel grips securely so you can extract unwanted plants quickly.

Tempered Steel Blade Cuts Sod

The 7 inch blade is made from tempered steel, so it keeps a sharp edge. The serrated section of the blade can saw through tough sod or roots. Simply rock the serrated edge back and forth to slice through dense soil. The straight edge allows for clean cuts in garden beds or around plants.

Depth Gauge for Uniform Holes

When digging holes for bulbs or transplants, the depth gauge ensures uniform depth. Simply plunge the blade into the soil until the depth gauge meets the surface. This takes the guesswork out of planting depths. The blade can dig holes up to 6 inches deep.

Comfortable Ergonomic Grip

An overmolded TPU handle provides a secure, ergonomic grip. The thermoplastic polyurethane material is durable yet cushions your hand. A thumb rest allows for better control and comfort, even during repetitive tasks like weeding. The hand guard helps protect your knuckles when using the blade for digging or slicing.

Versatile Gardening Uses

This multi-use garden knife allows you to:

  • Dig holes for planting
  • Pull weeds, removing the entire root
  • Slice through sod or thick roots
  • Saw through tough soil
  • Cultivate soil and break up clumps
  • Transplant seedlings
  • Divide perennials
  • Cut open bags of soil or fertilizer
  • Create a furrow for seeds
  • Edge along beds and borders

With its serrated blade, ergonomic grip, and handy depth gauge, the Stanley FATMAX Ultimate Garden Knife is the perfect addition to your gardening toolkit. Tackle garden projects easily and comfortably.

High Carbon Steel Blade Stays Sharp

The 7 inch blade is crafted from high carbon steel for strength, durability and an ability to hold an edge. Even through tough garden tasks, the blade retains its sharpness nicely. Re-sharpening is easy when needed. The blade is coated to resist rust.

Durable Construction Built to Last

Stanley hand tools are known for their reliability and solid construction. The offset handle is glass-reinforced nylon for strength and ruggedness. Stanley products are made to high standards, so this garden knife is made to last many seasons in the garden. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Convenient Size for Storage

The garden knife measures just 15.75 inches long, so it tucks neatly into a tool belt or apron pocket. Easily store in your potting shed, garage or garden closet. The blade locks into the handle for safe storage when not in use.

Trusted Stanley Gardening Tools

Stanley has been making high-quality tools since 1843. The Stanley gardening line includes digging tools, shears, pruners and safety gloves. The innovative FATMAX line offers tools with features to make demanding tasks easier.

Upgrade your gardening experience with the versatile Stanley FATMAX Ultimate Garden Knife. Quickly and comfortably take on all sorts of garden jobs from digging to pruning. This multi-functional tool belongs in every gardener’s collection.


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