SNS Air Blow Gun 2-Way – Powerful Adjustable Airflow for Versatile Cleaning


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Tackle Tough Cleaning Jobs with Precision and Power Using the SNS Air Blow Gun 2-Way. This heavy-duty blow gun gives you adjustable airflow control and extended reach for efficient cleaning and drying.

The variable flow trigger lets you regulate the air flow precisely. Turn the knob above the handle to control airflow from a gentle breeze up to a powerful blast. Target any mess or debris with pinpoint accuracy and easily blow away dust, dirt, liquids, and more from machinery, electronics, engines, and all kinds of surfaces.

This durable metal blow gun is designed for versatility. It quickly connects to standard air compressors and shop air lines to harness compressed air. But it also works with water, allowing you to switch from air to water flow when needed.

The two included nozzles expand your cleaning capabilities. Use the extended nozzle for reaching tight spaces and small crevices. The wider nozzle handles broader surface cleaning jobs. Both snap securely into place and rotate 360 degrees for maneuvering into any position.

With its ergonomic grip and trigger, the blow gun is comfortable to hold, even for extended use. The textured handle provides a secure, non-slip grip. Just squeeze the trigger to deliver a controlled stream of air or water right where you need it.

Constructed from heavy-duty aluminum and brass components, this blow gun is built to withstand tough industrial, automotive, maintenance, and construction jobs. The glossy surface retains its smooth finish over time for easy cleaning.

Take Control of Tough Cleaning Challenges

The SNS Air Blow Gun 2-Way gives you the power and precision to tackle all kinds of cleaning and drying tasks:

  • Blast away dirt, debris, and liquids from machinery, engines, and equipment
  • Clean hard-to-reach spots in small crevices, holes, and tight spaces
  • Remove standing water, fluid spills, and leaks from flat surfaces
  • Dry surfaces quickly after rinsing or washing
  • Clean dust and debris from electronic components, circuit boards, and motors
  • Remove metal shavings, sawdust, and chips from workshop floors and tables
  • Clean dirt and mud from vehicle engines, wheels, and undercarriages
  • Blow debris from construction equipment and tools

With the power of compressed air or water at your fingertips, cleaning jobs become quick and easy. The focused nozzle directs the blast only where you need it for maximum efficiency.

The variable flow control prevents overspray or splashing by delivering the precise amount of air or water. Turn down the flow when working on sensitive components or electronics. Dial up higher airflow to dislodge tough, caked-on grime.

Designed for Comfort and Convenience

Thoughtful design makes the SNS Air Blow Gun 2-Way easy and comfortable to use:

  • Trigger grip fits comfortably in your hand to reduce fatigue
  • Textured handle ensures a secure, slip-free grip
  • Convenient flow control knob quickly adjusts air pressure
  • Nozzle rotates 360 degrees to aim spray at any angle
  • Generous 6 foot hose moves easily around work areas
  • Brass fittings create secure connections and prevent air leaks
  • Compact 10 inch length slides easily into tool bags or pockets

The smart two-nozzle design also boosts convenience. Keep one nozzle attached and swap the other as needed for different tasks. The included C-type coupler ensures quick, watertight nozzle changes in just seconds.

With its comfortable grip and precise control, you can comfortably tackle cleaning sessions of any size and length. Easily access tight spots while still delivering targeted blasts of air or water for as long as needed.

Built Rugged for Industrial Strength Cleaning

The SNS Air Blow Gun 2-Way is constructed from quality materials to withstand regular heavy-duty use:

  • Durable aluminum body resists corrosion
  • Brass fittings, nozzles, and trigger won’t rust or strip
  • Reinforced components add strength
  • Leak-resistant seals prevent air loss
  • Wear-resistant glossy finish retains smooth surface
  • Replaceable parts extend service life

This rugged metal design stands up to shop and worksite conditions better than plastic blow guns. Even after hundreds of hours of use, the SNS Air Blow Gun 2-Way will maintain precision airflow and corrosion-free good looks.

Whether you’re a pro mechanic, industrial worker, or home DIYer, the SNS Air Blow Gun 2-Way provides versatile cleaning power. With adjustable airflow, extended reach, and maximum durability, this blow gun tackles a wide range of cleaning challenges.


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