SINSEN 2-Pack Car Safety Hammer & Seatbelt Cutter Emergency Escape Tool Kit – Break Glass & Cut Seatbelts Underwater or On Land – Pink & White Auto Emergency Tools


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Being trapped in a vehicle after an accident is a terrifying situation. Having the right escape tools on hand can make all the difference in getting out safely. The SINSEN 2-pack car safety hammer and seatbelt cutter set ensures you are prepared for emergencies whether on land or underwater.

Emergency Escape Tools Designed for Fast, Effective Use

This 2-piece auto emergency kit contains:

  • A spring-loaded car safety hammer with a tungsten steel alloy head that can shatter a side window in one second. Easily breaks glass even underwater.
  • A compact seatbelt cutter with a sharp razor that slices through jammed seatbelts with minimal effort.

Both tools are lightweight and mount on keychains for portability. The bright pink and white colors make them easy to find in an urgent situation.

Break Glass Fast – Even Underwater

The spring-loaded hammer uses a firing pin and compressed spring to generate tremendous focused force. Just push the tip hard against a side window and the tempered steel head triggers, shattering the glass instantly.

Whereas regular hammers are ineffective underwater, the SINSEN safety hammer uses a firing mechanism that works even when submerged. It breaks car window glass up to 10mm thick in just ONE SECOND!

The sharp, hardened alloy head focuses impact force to a small point. This allows it to crack laminated and tempered glass effortlessly. It also won’t deform from repeated use like ordinary steel hammers.

Slice Through Jammed Seat Belts

In the chaos of an accident, seatbelt buckles can jam and hold occupants trapped. The SINSEN seatbelt cutter features a concealed razor blade that slices through fabric belts with barely any force required.

Just pull the ring horizontally to eject the razor blade from its protective cover. Then pull the cutter across the belt with light pressure to sever it. The sharp stainless steel blade cuts a 1.2 inch wide swath through immobilizing seatbelts.

With the glass shattered and seatbelts cut, occupants can escape quickly from accidents on land or in water. The tools provide fast, reliable performance when every second counts.

Compact Keychain Design – Always Within Reach

The compact, lightweight design makes the SINSEN safety hammer and belt cutter ideal for carrying anywhere. Attach them to key rings, backpacks, bags or camera straps to keep emergency escape tools on hand.

The safety hammer measures just 3.0 x 1.4 x 0.9 inches and weighs only 0.98 ounces. The seatbelt cutter is an equally compact 2.8 x 1.2 x 0.5 inches and 0.64 ounces. They won’t take up much space on a keychain or in a glove box.

Premium neck lanyards are also included to allow wearing the tools around your neck for easy access. The bright pink and white colors make them easy to locate in dark, disorienting emergency situations.

Reliable Protection for Travelers, Families and Drivers

Having car escape tools on hand provides peace of mind for:

  • Travelers: Prepare for the unexpected far from home
  • Parents: Protect young children who can’t escape on their own
  • Commuters: Heavy traffic increases accident risks
  • Teen Drivers: Most accident-prone age group

The SINSEN auto emergency kit makes a thoughtful gift for new drivers, commuters, outdoor adventurers or anyone wanting extra protection on the road. Beautifully packaged in a gift box, they show recipients you care about their wellbeing.

The compact pink and white design can conveniently be slipped into purses, bags or backpacks and accessed quickly in an emergency. Give loved ones the ability to get out of dangerous situations fast.

Reliable, Affordable Protection You Can Count On

Don’t gamble with generic, questionable quality escape tools. SINSEN emergency hammers and cutters are engineered to work flawlessly when lives depend on them. They provide reliable, affordable protection you can count on.

This essential 2-piece safety set comes complete with premium neck lanyards for just xx dollars. A small price for the peace of mind of knowing your family is prepared.

Order the SINSEN emergency escape tool kit today to be ready for the unexpected. But we hope you’ll never have to use them!


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