Silicone Purge Plugs for Sanitary Stainless Steel Welding – 28 Piece Kit


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Have you ever struggled to properly purge your stainless steel pipes and tubes before welding? Our 28 piece silicone purge plug kit is the perfect solution. This comprehensive set includes 14 different sized plugs ranging from 1 to 4 inches in diameter, allowing you to find the perfect seal for tubing and piping from 1 to 3.5 inches.

The soft silicone material easily conforms to any diameter while the stainless steel hose clamps securely hold each plug in place during the purging process. No more leaks or wasted inert gas! The plugs can withstand temperatures up to 600°F, ideal for any TIG welding application on sanitary stainless steel.

Each plug features a 1/4 inch brass hose fitting so you can connect your argon or nitrogen line for efficient purging. The durable plastic carrying case keeps the full set organized and protected between jobs. Experience hassle-free welding prep with this complete purge plug kit made right here in the USA. Order now and we’ll include free shipping!


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