Selkirk 206012 Steel Pipe Lock Band – Heavy Duty for All Your Chimney Needs


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Get maximum strength and durability for your chimney installations with the Selkirk 206012 steel pipe lock band. This heavy-duty chimney connector provides a secure seal between chimney piping, letting you rest assured your system won’t come loose over time.

Strong, Long-Lasting Steel Construction

The Selkirk 206012 lock band is constructed from 24 gauge blued steel for superior toughness. It won’t crack or warp even after years of exposure to high temperatures and weather elements. The thick steel withstands vibration and shifting better than thinner metals or plastic chimney connectors.

Watertight Seal

A rubber gasket on the interior side of the 206012 lock band compresses when tightened to create an airtight, water-resistant seal. This prevents smoke, fumes or water from escaping through gaps between chimney pipes. The tight lock keeps the connection stable through seasonal expansion and contraction cycles.

Universal Fit

This heavy-duty chimney connector is designed to fit 5″, 6″ or 7″ diameter chimney pipe. Just slide it over the joint between pipe sections and tighten the gear clamp to create a secure connection. The universal fit makes it useful for all types of chimney installations including furnaces, fireplaces, stoves and more.

Easy and Quick Installation

Installing the Selkirk 206012 takes just minutes with simple hand tools. Just slide the band over the pipe joint and tighten the gear clamp evenly until the rubber gasket compresses. No need for screws, rivets or specialized tools. Chimney maintenance is fast and easy thanks to the quick on/off design.

Corrosion-Resistant Construction

The 24 gauge steel is blued for maximum corrosion resistance. It holds up well even in coastal areas or locations with high humidity. You don’t have to worry about rust degrading the strength and performance of your chimney over time. The stable steel maintains the watertight seal for safer operation.

Made in the USA

Selkirk chimney products like the model 206012 lock band are made by Metal-Fab, Inc. in the United States. Domestic manufacturing means quality materials and construction you can rely on. Selkirk has over 50 years of chimney design and engineering expertise.

Selkirk Quality Reputation

Professionals trust the Selkirk name for chimney safety accessories. The 206012 steel lock band meets the high standards Selkirk is known for in design, performance and durability. Use it with confidence to create secure, leak-free connections in new installations or existing chimney systems.

Versatile Performance

The Selkirk 206012 is rated for use with wood stoves, furnaces, fireplaces and chimney flues venting gas, oil or solid fuel appliances. The rugged steel maintains stable pipe connections against vibration, expansion forces and more. Use it instead of screws or rivets for faster, simpler repairs or new installs.

Range of Applications

This heavy-duty chimney connector band is useful for:

  • Sealing joints between straight chimney pipe sections
  • Connecting stovepipe or exhaust vent piping
  • Anchoring chimney pipes to joists or studs
  • Joining adjustable length sections
  • Connecting chimney pipe to breechings or flue collars

Its versatile design handles multiple installation configurations, indoors and outdoors.

Order Selkirk Quality Today

Get maximum strength, quicker installations and reliable performance from your chimney systems. Order the Selkirk 206012 steel pipe lock band for your next project and take advantage of durable U.S. manufacturing. This heavy-duty connector withstands high temperatures and corrosion to keep chimney pipes securely joined for years. Choose Selkirk chimney accessories for safety, quality and value.


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