Seelye 270-11017 Automatic Speed Welding Tip – Stainless Steel Wide Body for 1/4-18 NPS




Experience faster, easier welding with the Seelye 270-11017 Automatic Speed Welding Tip. This high-quality stainless steel tip is designed for quick, efficient welding and features a wide body to accommodate a range of electrode diameters. The 1/4-18 NPS thread size allows for versatile attachment to welding guns, torches, and more. Whether you’re a professional welder or a DIY enthusiast, this tip will help boost your welding productivity.

Faster Welding Speeds

The Seelye 270-11017 welding tip is engineered to deliver faster welding speeds compared to standard tips. Its innovative wide body tapered design provides less restriction, allowing more welding wire to feed through smoothly. This reduces drag and enables you to lay larger welds at faster travel rates. The quicker wire feed means you can join metal faster and work more efficiently.

Compatible with Multiple Electrode Sizes

With its wide body taper, this welding tip can accommodate electrode diameters from 0.023” up to 1/16”. This broad size range allows you to weld with different wire thicknesses for various applications without needing to change tips. It’s ideal for flux core welding as well as MIG welding using solid steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and other filler metals. One tip can handle all your needs.

Durable Stainless Steel Composition

Constructed from stainless steel, this Seelye welding tip delivers exceptional durability for long-lasting performance. Stainless steel offers excellent corrosion resistance, protecting the tip from rust and damage. The high-grade 304 stainless steel used in this tip’s manufacturing is known for its strength, longevity and ability to withstand high temperatures. You can count on years of reliable use from this sturdy tip.

Universal 1/4″-18 NPS Thread

Featuring a 1/4″-18 NPS thread size, this welding tip is designed for versatile, universal compatibility with a wide variety of MIG guns, TIG torches, spool guns and other welding equipment. The industry-standard National Pipe Straight thread allows quick, secure attachment to enable easy set up. Whether you need a replacement tip for your existing torch or want added versatility in your welding arsenal, this tip fits the bill.

Engineered for Optimal Performance

From its innovative tapered design to its durable stainless steel build, the Seelye 270-11017 welding tip is engineered for peak performance. Precision manufacturing and strict quality control ensure you get a tip that’s constructed to deliver faster, easier welding. Made in Taiwan, it offers the quality and reliability expected from the Seelye brand. Upgrade your welding game with this high-performance automatic speed tip.

Get More Done

When time is money in your welding projects, you need a tip that can help increase efficiency. With its smooth wire feed capabilities and fast welding speeds, this Seelye automatic tip enables you to complete jobs quicker. Whether you’re working on auto body panels, machinery, infrastructure, artwork or anything metal, this tip can help boost your productivity. Save time and get more done with exceptional performance.

For Pros and DIYers Alike

From professional welders in automotive, construction, manufacturing and other industries to home mechanics, makers and hobbyists, this speed tip delivers. Its well-engineered design and versatile compatibility make it useful for a diverse range of MIG and flux core welding applications. Novices can benefit from the faster, smoother performance while experienced welders can appreciate the increased efficiency.

With the Seelye 270-11017 Automatic Speed Welding Tip, welding jobs both big and small get a whole lot faster. And faster welding means you can take on more projects and grow your business or complete your DIY to-do list. Add this top-performing tip to your gear and experience the time-saving difference.


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