SEANESZTI 6.5HP Gas Powered Engine 4-Stroke Single Cylinder With Fuel Shut Off and Air Filter for Pumps, Generators, Lawn Mowers


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Discover the Power and Durability of the SEANESZTI 6.5HP 4-Stroke Gas Engine

If you’re searching for a dependable and durable gas-powered engine to run equipment like pumps, generators, log splitters, pressure washers, lawn mowers, and more, look no further than the SEANESZTI 6.5HP 4-stroke single cylinder gas engine. This workhorse engine delivers efficient and reliable power to tackle tough jobs.

Built To Last
At the core of this engine is a durable cast iron cylinder sleeve that provides extended engine life. It also features a forged steel crankshaft and camshaft built for smooth reliable operation. The large 196cc displacement generates an impressive 6.5HP to power through the toughest applications with ease.

Advanced Features
This engine is loaded with features to provide the best performance and user experience. It has a low oil shutdown sensor that protects the engine by automatically shutting it down if oil levels get too low. No more worrying about costly engine damage from oil starvation.

The convenient electric start ignites the engine with the simple turn of a key for quick and easy startups every time. No more grueling pull starts when you need to get to work.

It also comes equipped with a fuel shut off valve to stop the flow of gasoline when the engine is not in use. This adds an extra layer of safety and prevents flooding.

Reliable Power
The SEANESZTI engine uses an efficient OHV (Overhead Valve) design that improves power and performance. This allows the engine to take on tough jobs without bogging down. It delivers a max power output of 6.5HP at 3600RPM for excellent torque when you need it.

The large 196cc displacement provides an optimal power-to-weight ratio to tackle demanding applications. Whether you need to drive a hydraulic pump, large air compressor, log splitter or any gas-powered implement, this engine has the muscle to get the job done.

Designed To Last
In addition to its rugged construction, this engine has several features that contribute to an extended service life.

– Cast Iron Cylinder Sleeve – The cast iron cylinder sleeve resists wear and tear. This improves durability and engine life.

– Forged Steel Crankshaft – The forged steel crankshaft is extremely tough and able to withstand high pressures from combustion. This results in smooth reliable operation.

– Ball Bearing Crank – The ball bearing supported crankshaft decreases friction allowing the engine to run cooler and more efficiently.

– Large Capacity Air Filter – The oversized air filter improves airflow and prevents contaminants from causing premature wear.

– Low Oil Shutdown – This sensor protects the engine from costly damage by automatically shutting it down before oil levels get dangerously low.

With heavy-duty components like these, you can expect years of productive use from this gasoline engine.

Wide Range of Applications
With 6.5HP and a max torque of 10.3 ft-lbs, this engine has the guts to power equipment like:

– Water Pumps – Drive high-flow water pumps for irrigation, drainage, flood control, aquaculture, fountains, and more.

– Hydraulic Pumps – Put the power to work running hydraulic pumps and log splitters.

– Air Compressors – Operate large high-volume air compressors for automotive service or to power pneumatic tools.

– Pressure Washers – Tackle the toughest cleaning jobs driving a hot water pressure washer.

– Lawn Mowers – Cut through tall thick grass with a wide area walk-behind lawn mower.

– Chippers/Shredders – Reduce yard and landscaping waste to mulch with wood chippers and shredders

– Cement Mixers – Drive a large drum cement mixer to handle big jobs.

– Generators – Get backup power or job-site power running an electrical generator.

– And much more – Use this engine’s robust power for any equipment that requires gas-powered motivation.

Convenient Operation
This engine comes equipped with features that make it extremely user-friendly. The automatic low oil shutdown sensor does the monitoring for you. The electric start means no more wrestling with pull-cords to start it up.

It has an easy-access spark plug for quick maintenance. The on/off toggle switch offers a simple way to stop the engine. And the fuel shut off valve allows you to cut the gas supply when the engine isn’t in use.

The SEANESZTI 6.5HP engine combines commercial-grade power and convenience features in a compact package. It’s designed for durability, performance and ease of operation.

– Displacement – 196cc
– Max Power – 6.5HP
– Max Torque – 10.3 ft-lbs
– Fuel Type – Gasoline
– Engine Type – 4-stroke OHV single cylinder
– Start Type – Electric & recoil
– Ignition System – Transistorized magneto ignition
– Dimensions – 17.5 x 14 x 15 inches
– Weight – 36 pounds

With a solid 6.5HP and range of user-friendly features, the SEANESZTI gasoline engine tackles the toughest jobs. It cranks out commercial-grade power to drive pumps, generators, pressure washers, chippers, cement mixers, hydraulic equipment, lawn mowers, and more. This rugged engine is built to last with cast iron cylinder sleeve, forged steel crankshaft, electric start, and fuel shut off valve. Order the SEANESZTI engine today and power through your biggest projects with ease.


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