Seal Out Drafts and Elements with BISOTHAI Upgraded 26ft Weather Stripping Door Seal




Is your home letting in unwanted drafts from poorly sealed doors and windows? Are you tired of wasting money on high heating and cooling bills due to inefficient insulation? Solve these problems and seal out noise, dust, moisture, and weather with the BISOTHAI Upgraded 26ft Long Reach Weather Stripping Door Seal!

New & Improved Design

Unlike regular self-adhesive sealing strips, the BISOTHAI weather seal features an enhanced rigid PVC flange designed to slide firmly into door gaps and channels up to 4/5” wide. The flange holds the seal securely in place without falling out or needing adhesive. This improved design also allows the seal to conform to cutouts and uneven surfaces, providing superior insulation for even the most troublesome door and window gaps.

Seals Gaps Up to 20mm Wide

With its V-shaped dual sealing fins, this door weather stripping compresses to insulate gaps between 3/10” to 20mm wide. The fins flex and conform as you close doors and windows, creating a tight seal that blocks out drafts, moisture, dirt, pollution, noise, and extreme weather temperatures.

Easy DIY Installation

Installation takes just minutes with no tools required! Just cut the 26ft strip to your desired length with scissors or a utility knife. Insert the PVC flange into the pre-cut channel around your door or window frame. The fins compress to form an airtight, weatherproof barrier. No need for nails, glue, or silicone caulk. And the seal removes just as easily when it’s time to replace it.

Superior Materials & Construction

Constructed from polyurethane foam covered in a polyethylene skin, the BISOTHAI seal withstands extreme hot and cold. The dense foam compressing against weather stripping door gaps blocks infiltration while remaining flexible and resilient. It won’t crack or become brittle over time like lower quality vinyl seals.

Multipurpose Usage Throughout the Home

Use this versatile weather stripping anywhere drafts sneak into your home. Ideal applications include:

  • Interior and exterior door frames
  • Sliding patio doors
  • Garage entry doors
  • French doors and screen doors
  • Windows and sills
  • Kitchen pantries and cabinets
  • Furniture and appliance doors

The sleek black color discretely blends into any style home decor.

Save Money & Improve Comfort

By sealing heat and cold out of your home, you’ll enjoy a more comfortable indoor climate while using less energy to maintain it. Stop wasting money to heat and cool air that leaks outside. Proper weather stripping can reduce energy bills by up to 20% annually!

The improved insulation also dampens outside noise, so you can enjoy calm and quiet within your home. And blocking dirt, dust, and moisture preserves indoor air quality for better health.

Invest in Long Term Energy Savings

While lowering energy consumption, the durable construction ensures this weather seal outlasts cheap vinyl alternatives. The BISOTHAI weather stripping pays for itself within the first year and continues providing savings for years to come.

We Stand Behind Our Product Quality

Your satisfaction means everything. We offer a 90 day money back guarantee so you can purchase with total confidence. Invest in this upgraded door seal to effectively weatherize drafty homes. Take the first step to sealing out elements while reducing energy waste and improving home comfort and air quality for your family. Click Add to Cart now!


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