SE 30-Inch Extendable Magnetic Pickup Tool – Powerful Magnetic Retrieval for the Home, Office and Beyond


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Searching for a dropped screw or nut in your garage? Working on your car and need to grab a part from a hard to reach spot? Looking for an easy way to keep your workshop tidy? The SE 30-Inch Extendable Magnetic Pickup Tool is the versatile solution for quick and convenient metal retrieval in any environment.

Powerful Magnetic Pickup for Metal Objects

At the heart of this indispensable tool is a robust magnet with an impressive 15 pound pull capacity. The high-powered magnet securely grips onto nuts, bolts, nails, screws, tools, parts and other metallic items. Simply hover the pickup tool over your target and let the strong embedded magnet do the work for you.

The high strength of the magnet ensures that any metal object you need to retrieve will instantly and firmly attach to the pickup tool. Unlike lower strength magnets which can drop objects, you can trust this device to keep a firm and steady hold on items both large and small.

Extra Reach with Telescoping Design

A key feature of this pickup tool is the telescoping handle which extends your reach to 30 inches. The long pickup distance is perfect for fetching items in hard to access areas such as under appliances, behind furniture, in car engines and countless other tight spaces.

The telescoping handle is collapsible, allowing you to shorten the pickup to as little as 15 inches in length. This compact size increases maneuverability and control for retrieving items in tighter quarters. Extend or collapse the handle in seconds to fit any situation at hand.

Ergonomic Cushion Grip for Comfort

Retrieving item after item can strain your hand, but the comfort-engineered grip of this pickup tool prevents fatigue. The full-length cushioned grip molds to your hand, promoting a natural and relaxed hold. The soft yet tactile grip remains comfortable even during periods of prolonged use.

The ergonomic cushion handle also provides excellent control, ensuring the magnetic pickup stays steady and secure. You’ll be able to precisely position and maneuver the pickup tip thanks to the slip-free grip.

Perfect for Home, Workshop, Office and More

This versatile magnetic pickup has a range of handy uses:

Around the House – Quickly retrieve nails, screws, pins and metal pieces that fall onto hard-to-reach basement and attic floors. Pick up jewelry that rolls under appliances and furniture. Find hardware pieces and tools that disappear into garage clutter and workbenches.

In the Workshop – This pickup’s strong magnet and long reach lets you grab screws, nails and parts from tricky spots deep inside cabinets and engines. Easily collect metal scraps and shavings from equipment and floors to keep your workspace clean and hazard-free.

At the Office – Accidentally drop paper clips, staples or pins down your desk or cabinet crack? This pickup tool fetches them with ease. It’s also great for picking up rogue hardware around server racks, cubicles and other office equipment. Keep your workplace tidy and hazard-free.

Outdoors – Pick up hazardous nails, screws, staples and other metal debris from lawns and gardens where children and pets play. Quickly gather hardware and tools left on the ground before mowing. It’s great for maintaining a safe outdoor space.

Convenient Magnetic Pickup for Endless Applications

This pickup tool simplifies the tedious task of recovering hard-to-reach metal objects. No more struggling with imprecise gripping tools or exposing your hands and arms to risky spaces. With its secure magnetic pickup, telescoping reach and comfortable grip, it’s the ideal helper for metal retrieval in every environment.

Stash this problem-solving magnetic pickup in your tool box, glove compartment or utility drawer to always have it handy. With its versatility and convenience, you’ll be amazed at how often you’ll find useful applications for this magnetic retrieval tool.

Order the SE 30-Inch Extendable Magnetic Pickup Tool today and take advantage of simplified, stress-free metal object retrieval around your home, auto shop, office and beyond!


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