SARDVISA 290 PSI Air Blow Gun – Powerful Airflow for Car Detailing & Cleaning


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Take control of dust and debris with the industrial strength SARDVISA 290 PSI Air Blow Gun. This heavy duty pneumatic tool delivers precision airflow to tackle the toughest cleaning jobs.

Powerful Airflow Where You Need It

The SARDVISA Air Blow Gun provides a focused 290 PSI max air jet from its angled rubber-tipped nozzle. The high pressure air stream can easily dislodge dirt, sawdust, powders, and other unwanted material from tight spaces and delicate surfaces.

The angled nozzle design allows you to direct airflow into hard-to-reach areas like engine compartments, around wiring, behind panels, and more. The soft rubber tip prevents scratching or damaging sensitive components during cleaning.

Durable Construction With Ergonomic Design

This air blower gun features a durable plastic and steel body able to withstand heavy daily use in demanding shop environments. The aluminum alloy internal parts further enhance its toughness.

Despite its rugged build, the tool remains lightweight and comfortable for extended cleaning jobs. The ergonomic trigger and handle allow a secure grip without hand fatigue. Two hanging hooks offer convenient storage options in the shop or garage.

Universal Connectivity for Air Compressors

The SARDVISA Air Blow Gun uses a standard 1/4″ NPT male quick connect fitting compatible with most major air compressor brands. This ensures a secure connection and instant airflow for fast cleaning action.

Simply connect the industrial air hose from your compressor or shop air system to the 1/4″ inlet. No need for adapters, extensions, or makeshift rigs.

Clean Better with Precise Air Power

Stop wasting time trying to clean tight spaces with ineffective methods. The SARDVISA Air Blow Gun delivers the pinpoint air power needed to quickly remove dust, dirt, debris, liquids, powders, and more from:

  • Car and truck engines
  • Hard to reach crevices
  • Equipment intakes
  • Electrical components
  • Machinery
  • Vents
  • PC boards
  • Sensitive surfaces

Dry debris disappears instantly from the concentrated air stream. The rubber nozzle tip also allows you to safely clean more delicate items without damage.


  • Max Pressure: 290 PSI
  • Inlet Size: 1/4″ NPT male
  • Body Material: Plastic & Steel
  • Nozzle Material: Rubber
  • Weight: 1.1 lbs
  • Length: 7 inches

Stop Struggling with Inferior Air Blow Guns

Don’t waste time trying to clean tight spaces with compressed air cans, computer dusting blowers, or low quality air guns that simply spread dust around.

The SARDVISA 290 PSI Air Blow Gun provides the strongly focused jet of air powered by shop air compressors to clean properly. No more fighting with weak airflow.

The angled nozzle reaches where you need to clean. The soft rubber tip cleans delicate surfaces safely. All backed by durable construction built to provide years of reliable service.

For the toughest cleaning jobs, choose the industrial strength SARDVISA Air Blow Gun.


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