Safeguard Your Home Day and Night with the Yeewise Wireless Security Camera System




Keep watch over your property inside and out with the innovative Yeewise Wireless Security Camera System. Featuring four outdoor PTZ cameras with dual lenses and a 10-channel NVR with built-in WiFi router and 500GB hard drive, this system provides 24/7 recording, intelligent motion tracking, crystal clear night vision, and instant alert notifications straight to your devices.

Innovative Dual Lens Design with 10x Hybrid Zoom

The standout feature of these Yeewise security cameras is the dual lens technology. Each camera contains both a 4mm wide-angle lens and an 8mm telephoto lens. Switch between the two lenses in the mobile app for the perfect field of view. The 4mm lens captures expansive 140° panoramic shots, ideal for monitoring large areas. While the 8mm lens provides 2x magnification for focused, detailed shots of objects far in the distance. Combining the power of both lenses gives you an incredible 10x hybrid zoom range on each camera.

Rotate 355° with 90° Tilt and Auto-Tracking

In addition to the innovative zoom, these are also pan/tilt cameras. Each security camera can rotate a full 355° horizontally and tilt 90° vertically. Manually control the cameras through the app to point in any direction and track activity anywhere on your property. Enable the auto-tracking feature and the cameras will follow moving objects automatically, keeping them in frame the entire time. The wide field of view and tracking ensures complete 360° coverage with no blind spots.

Multiple Night Vision Modes for Ideal Low Light Viewing

Don’t let nighttime limit your home’s protection. These security cameras capture crisp, detailed footage around the clock thanks to multiple night vision features. Standard black & white night vision utilizes infrared LEDs to see up to 100 feet in total darkness. For a clearer color night view, switch on the built-in spotlights to brightly illuminate up to 65 feet. Or enable smart night vision and the spotlights will automatically turn on only when motion is detected. Each mode ensures you get the ideal type of night vision needed for a given situation.

24/7 Continuous Recording with Smart Detection

The included 10-channel NVR recorder has a pre-installed 500GB hard drive and supports up to 6TB expanded storage. This allows continuous recording from all connected cameras simultaneously without lapses. Intelligent motion detection can differentiate between people, vehicles, and pets. Receive instant alert push notifications and emails to your phone or computer when something triggers the cameras. Quickly log into the mobile app to see live or recorded footage and have complete peace of mind.

Active Deterrent with Warning Lights and Two-Way Audio

In addition to recording activity, these security cameras also actively deter intruders thanks to built-in spotlights, siren alarm, microphone, and speaker. When the motion sensor detects an object, it will automatically turn on the bright spotlights and loud siren to scare away humans or animals. The two-way audio lets you communicate directly through the camera speaker with real-time warnings. Actively warn and talk to any trespassers to prevent false alarms.

Simple Plug-in Setup with WiFi Router Built into NVR

Installing this robust home security camera system is quick and easy. The NVR recorder features a built-in WiFi router that creates its own wireless network separate from your home WiFi. No need to run long cables back to the NVR recorder or connect cameras to your home network. Just plug in the NVR, connect the cameras wirelessly, and start monitoring through the mobile app in minutes. The Yeewise system works right out of the box for a seamless setup process.

Key Features:

– 4 x outdoor pan/tilt WiFi security cameras with dual 4mm & 8mm lenses

– 10x hybrid optical zoom on each camera

– 355° horizontal rotation & 90° vertical tilt

– Auto-tracking follows moving objects automatically

– 24/7 continuous recording with 500GB hard drive

– Motion detection with smart alerts

– Night vision up to 100 ft. (30m) in darkness

– Color night vision with 65 ft. (20m) spotlight illumination

– Built-in spotlights & siren for active deterrent

– Instant push notifications and email alerts

– Two-way audio communication

– Weatherproof IP66 rating

– Simple plug-in setup and installation

Comprehensive Protection with Innovative Technology

The Yeewise Wireless Security Camera System delivers simpler setup with smarter features for comprehensive protection. Monitor your entire property, inside and out, with crystal clear live view, intelligent motion tracking, expansive night vision and proactive deterrents. Stay aware of any activity around the clock and prevent false alarms using your smartphone. This wireless system combines expansive coverage, innovative technology, and automated features for full home protection with easy installation.


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