RWX7000 Digital Welding Helmet – Precision Welding Protection with Advanced Viewing Technology


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Experience superior clarity and comfort while welding with the RWX7000 Digital Welding Helmet. This innovative helmet utilizes advanced True Blue lens technology and precision sensors to adapt welding hood darkness instantly.

The crystal-clear viewing window, 4 premium arc sensors, and durable industrial design make the RWX7000 an ideal choice for professional welders and DIY hobbyists alike.

Razorblue Auto-Darkening Filter Technology

The RWX7000 features a cutting-edge auto-darkening filter powered by Razorblue technology. This proprietary system intelligently adjusts lens shade levels in 1/25,000th of a second, transitioning from a natural 4/9-13 shade to a dark 9/9-13 shade when welding begins.

This instantaneous reaction prevents eye fatigue and headaches caused by severe transitions in light levels. You’ll enjoy seamless, uninterrupted vision as you work.

Accurate Sensors for Faster Response

Four premium external arc sensors accurately detect welding light the moment you strike your arc. This triggers the auto-darkening filter to darken instantly.

Strategically positioned at the top, sides and bottom of the viewing window, these sensors provide 270° of coverage for a faster response from any welding position.

crystal-Clear Viewing Window

The oversized 4.7 x 3.7” LCD viewing window offers a crisp, uncompromised view of your weld puddle. The true-color filter preserves the hues and details of your welding environment, reducing eye strain.

An ultra-clear grinding mode also enhances visibility and safety when finishing your welds.

Ergonomic Design Maximizes Comfort

The fully-adjustable headgear provides a secure, personalized fit. Cushioned support pads at the crown and back of head evenly distribute weight and minimize pressure points for all-day comfort.

The oversized, textured control knobs are easy to locate and operate even with gloved hands. The controls are also positioned away from the arc sensors to prevent accidental changes when welding.

Advanced Digital Controls and Settings

The digital LCD displays your chosen shade, sensitivity and delay settings clearly, even in bright light. Easily adjust parameters with the touch of a button.

Save your personalized settings in memory to recall them quickly for specific applications. An advanced 5-level sensitivity adjustment prevents false triggering.

Full Welding Protection

With safety certification from ANSI, CSA, and CE, the RWX7000 provides complete protection from UV/IR rays, sparks, and spatter.

The flame-retardant shell withstands splatter damage while the adjustable headgear keeps harmful rays from penetrating from above. Stay shielded from all angles.

Low Battery and Helmet Status Alerts

In-helmet alerts notify you when auto-darkening filter batteries run low or if the helmet requires calibration. This prevents unexpected loss of shade during welding, enhancing safety.

The solar-assist cell preserves battery power, extending time between changes. Replaceable shade filters and pads make occasional maintenance simple.

Designed for All Welding Processes

The variable 9-13 shade adjusts seamlessly for any welding process. Tackle MIG, TIG, arc, plasma cutting and more with optimized visibility.

Grinding mode transitions to a natural shade for finishing welds. Use it for projects that require extended grinding.

Premium Protection and Clarity for Welders

Serious welders deserve serious protection. The RWX7000 digital welding helmet delivers industry-leading optics and reaction speed, allowing you to focus on the task at hand rather than adjusting your equipment.

Experience the next generation in welding helmets. Order the RWX7000 today.


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