RUIHONGV Premium Zirconia 3/8 x 13 Inch Sanding Belts Kit – 5 Each of 40/60/80/120 Grit Abrasive Belts for Air Belt Sander


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Smooth away imperfections and rough edges with the RUIHONGV Premium Zirconia 3/8 x 13 Inch Sanding Belts Kit. This 20-pack includes abrasive belts in 4 different grit sizes – 40, 60, 80 and 120 grit – to tackle projects from heavy-duty metal removal to fine finishing.

Premium Zirconia Grain for Superior Cutting Power

The 3/8″ x 13″ sanding belts feature premium zirconia grains known for strength, sharpness and high heat resistance. Zirconia is more durable than standard aluminum oxide and silicon carbide abrasives. The angular particles can handle intensive stock removal in metals, from steel to stainless steel, as well as wood, plastic and other materials.

Designed for Longer Life and Faster Grinding

These sanding belts fully utilize a resin bond technology to firmly adhere each abrasive grain to the backing. The result is enhanced belt life, faster cut speeds and smooth, consistent sanding action. The tight bonding prevents premature grain loss for maximum abrasion resistance. Zirconia’s heat dissipating properties also prevent the resin from softening during use.

Moisture-Resistant for Reliable Results

The zirconia mineral is unaffected by water, making these sanding belts suitable for wet sanding applications. Exposure to liquids will not cause grains to dull or loosen. Use them dry or with water for consistent performance. The anti-static composition also reduces clinging dust for cleaner sanding.

Compatible With Most 3/8″ x 13″ Air Belt Sanders

From benchtop models to handheld power sanders, these 3/8″ wide x 13″ long belts are sized to fit most air belt sanding machines designed for 3/8″ x 13″ sanding belts. Refer to your tool’s owner’s manual for correct belt dimensions.

4 Grits for Shaping, Smoothing and Finishing

40 Grit: Coarse grit rapidly removes material for shaping and stripping wood or metal. Leaves a rough texture.

60 Grit: Medium coarse grit is ideal for rapid stock removal and smoothing contours.

80 Grit: Medium grit sands smoothly with moderate stock removal for preparing surfaces for finishing.

120 Grit: Fine grit excels at light sanding, smoothing and removing light scratches prior to painting or staining.

Tackle a Variety of Sanding Projects

These assorted grit sanding belts are great for:

– Smoothing and deburring edges on metal parts
– Shaping and smoothing woodworking projects
– Removing rust and paint from metal surfaces
– Custom auto body work
– Fine wood finishing prior to staining or painting
– Sharpening knives, blades and tools
– Restoring old furniture by stripping paint and refinishing worn surfaces

Keep a range of grits on hand in your workshop to take on different sanding needs for metal, wood, plastic and more. The included qty ensures you have fresh belts ready when projects call for coarse grit stripping or final finish sanding.


– Abrasive Material: Zirconia
– Backing Material: Cloth
– Grit Range: 40 grit, 60 grit, 80 grit, 120 grit
– Quantity: 5 of each grit (20 belts total)
– Size: 3/8″ x 13″
– Joint: Resin bond

Upgrade your air belt sander with these premium zirconia sanding belts from RUIHONGV. The assorted grit kit has all the long-lasting, high-performance abrasives you need for professional results on your toughest sanding jobs.


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