Revco Black Stallion 30WC Welding Jacket – Premium Protection & Durability


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The Revco Black Stallion 30WC welding jacket provides essential protection with premium quality leather construction. Built to last through years of heavy use, this jacket safeguards against sparks, spatter, and radiant heat.

30 Ounces of Thick Split Cowhide Leather

At 30 ounces, the leather is thick and substantial on the Revco 30WC jacket. It consists of side split cowhide, renowned for strength, comfort, and reliability. The leather is carefully tanned and processed in the USA.

Compared to lower priced jackets, the Black Stallion leather is thicker and more durable. It holds up to rugged shop use and resists cracking or wearing thin after repeated welding.

Adjustable Waist & Wrists

The waist utilizes a tightening strap so you can customize the fit. This helps seal out sparks and slag from entering underneath the jacket.

The wrists are also adjustable with leather straps and metal buckles. Get a snug fit around your gloves to prevent spatter from going up your sleeves.

High Nap Cotton Lining

Inside, the 30WC has a soft high nap cotton lining that is perfect for comfort. Cotton breathes well, wicks moisture, and doesn’t irritate the skin.

The dense fluffy lining also insulates your body from radiant heat. This allows you to work longer without overheating.

Bi-Swing Scye Back

For ease of movement, the back panel employs a bi-swing design. This allows greater range of motion in the shoulders and arms.

You can weld overhead or in awkward positions without restriction or binding. The bi-swing back with gussets follows your natural movement.

Rule #9 Rayon Front

The front is made using Rule #9 rayon material. This fabric has an arc protective rating of 9 calories per square centimeter.

So you get needed protection from arc flashes and sparks in vulnerable areas. Rule #9 rayon is very tough and fire resistant.

Heavy-Duty Zipper & Snaps

A high quality brass zipper runs down the center of the jacket. It is reinforced with double stitching and resistant to metal spatter.

Snaps allow the collar ends to connect for full neck coverage. The large snaps are durable and easy to fasten even with gloves on.

Leather Reinforced Pockets

The waist pockets feature additional leather layers at the tops and corners. This prevents hot slag from burning through to your clothes or skin.

The pockets are conveniently sized for small tools, pens, welding tips, or a welding helmet.

Vented Back Panel

Perforated leather along the upper back allows airflow. This venting helps release built up heat when welding for long periods.

The venting makes the Revco 30WC a good choice even for hot environments or heavy applications with high amperage.

Technical Specifications

  • Leather: 30 oz Side Split Cowhide
  • Lining: High Nap Cotton
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs
  • Adjustable Waist & Wrists
  • Arc Rating: Rule #9 Rayon Front
  • Pockets: 2 Leather Reinforced
  • Vented Back Panel
  • Heavy-Duty Zipper
  • Snaps for Collar

Premium Welding Protection

The Revco Black Stallion 30WC delivers unwavering shielding from common welding hazards. Constructed meticulously in the USA, every detail ensures ruggedness and safety. Adjustments provide a customized secure fit.

For professional welders who demand durability and quality protection, this Revco leather welding jacket is a top choice. Order today and work with confidence knowing you are covered by a premium jacket built to last.


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