Replacement Brush Tool for Bissell Vacuums – Compatible with Models 1400B, 3194, 3353, and More


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Keep your Bissell vacuum cleaning like new with this replacement brush tool accessory! Designed for compatibility with many Bissell upright, canister, and portable vacuum models, this handy attachment helps tackle dirt, debris, pet hair, and stubborn stains on carpets, stairs, upholstery, and more.

Wide Bissell Vacuum Model Compatibility

This replacement brush tool is made to work with the following Bissell vacuum models:

1400B, 3194, 3353, 2458, 3588F, 1986, 1425, 8319 4335, 3245, 8358F, 1200l, 12005, 12006, 1200H, 1200Q, 1200B, 1200R, 1200 A, 12U9A, 7887, 9400, 9500, 1400W, 1400, 14001, 14003, 14004, 14005, 14007, 14008, 1400A, 1400B, 1400D, 1400E, 1400G, 1400H, 1400J, 1400L, 1400M, 1400T, 1400U, 1400Y, 1722S, 3519, 3369, 14256, 14254, 14255, 1425D, 1425F, 14259, 1400Q, 1400R, 1400Z, 14251, 14252, 14253, 14257, 1425A, 1425B, 1425C, 1425L, 1425P, 1425Q, 1425R, 1425T, 1425W, 1725R, 2290K.

Refer to your owner’s manual if you are unsure of your Bissell vacuum model number. As long as your Bissell vacuum is compatible with attachable hose tools, this replacement brush tool will snap right on for convenient cleaning!

Tough Brushes Tackle Stubborn Dirt and Stains

The bristles on this replacement brush tool are designed for optimal cleaning performance. Shorter bristles help vigorously agitate carpet fibers to lift dirt, debris, and pet hair up from deep within the carpet pile. Longer perimeter bristles provide a wider cleaning path to clean more surface area faster.

The bristles are firm yet gentle, so they can scrub stains without damaging delicate surfaces like upholstery. No more struggling with stubborn dirt – these bristles power through dried mud, sticky spills, ground-in pet messes, and more!

Easy Bristle Replacement When They Wear Out

After repeated use, brush bristles will eventually wear down. No need to buy a whole new tool – simply replace the bristles! This set includes TWO extra bristle blocks for easy DIY replacement when the time comes.

To replace the bristles, hold the base firmly and use a pulling motion to detach the old bristle block. Then insert the new bristle block until it clicks securely into place. Simple bristle replacement extends the usable life of your brush tool.

Effortless Attachment for Quick Cleaning

Attaching this replacement brush tool to your compatible Bissell vacuum couldn’t be easier. Just line up the opening with the vacuum wand or hose end and push until it clicks into place. The tool stays securely attached as you clean.

The soft rubberized grip makes the brush comfortable to hold and easy to maneuver around furniture legs, under tables, on stairs, and all those hard-to-reach spots. Tackle pet hair on upholstery, scrub dirt from auto interiors, and freshen up sofas, mattresses and other surfaces.

Our Worry-Free Guarantee

We want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase. That’s why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, return the brush tool for a full refund or replacement.

Don’t struggle with stained, dirty carpets and upholstery any longer. Order the Replacement Brush Tool for Bissell Vacuums now to renew cleaning performance! Compatible with Bissell models 1400B, 3194, 3353, 2458, and many more.


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