Reliable and Versatile Multimeter for Electrical Troubleshooting and Measurement


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Tackle electrical issues around the house, garage, and job site with confidence using the AstroAI Multimeter Tester. This versatile digital multimeter accurately measures AC/DC voltage, DC current, resistance, and diode functionality to pinpoint electrical problems.

With a sampling speed of 2 times per second and a high-contrast LCD display, you can easily monitor flickering readings when troubleshooting complex electrical issues. The large 0.6 inch display features a handy backlight, ensuring you can use this multimeter in any lighting condition.

Comprehensive Electrical Testing Capabilities

This multimeter tester measures:

  • AC/DC voltage up to 600V, perfect for testing household outlets, batteries, automotive electrical systems, and more
  • DC current up to 10A, great for checking charging systems, fuse condition, and current draw
  • Resistance up to 40MΩ, ideal for testing continuity in wires, fuses, switches, relays, and connections
  • Diode functionality, helping check diode polarity and condition

With a wide 0.1 mV DC voltage resolution, you can accurately measure voltage in sensitive electronic circuits without disturbing operation. The 10A maximum current range provides ample capacity for automotive and household circuit troubleshooting.

Designed for Electrical Safety

Electrical safety is crucial when taking measurements in live circuits. This multimeter tester includes multiple safeguards:

  • Double ceramic fuses prevent dangerous current overloads
  • Silicone casing protects the meter from drops, knocks, water, and dust
  • Low battery indication alerts you when battery needs replacement

Test leads feature 4mm shrouded banana plugs and finger guards to prevent accidental shocks. The multimeter meets rigorous EN61010 CAT III 600V safety standards for industrial electrical measurement.

Intuitive Controls andReadable Display

Easily select measurement modes and ranges using the rotary dial and well-marked buttons. Backlit LCD digits provide clear readings in any environment, while the data hold function lets you freeze values on-screen.

Helpful features include:

  • Automatic zero adjustment when changing ranges
  • Low battery indication
  • Continuity buzzer for fast continuity tests
  • Diode test mode with 2V polarity indication
  • Overload protection prevents blown fuses

The integrated stand tilts the multimeter at a convenient 30° angle on any surface. Compact and lightweight, this multimeter slips easily into your toolbox or glove compartment.

Reliable Accuracy for Electrical Measurement

This digital multimeter provides reliable accuracy for household and automotive electrical troubleshooting:

  • ±(0.5% + 2 digits) DC voltage accuracy
  • ±(1.0% + 3 digits) AC voltage accuracy
  • ±(1.5% + 2 digits) DC current accuracy
  • ±(0.8% + 2 digits) resistance accuracy

The multimeter is safety certified to EN61010 standards and tested to 600V CATIII standards for industrial electrical environments. Each meter is calibrated at the factory for immediate accurate use out of the box.

Solve Electrical Problems Quickly

With comprehensive measurement capabilities, electrical safety features, and proven accuracy, this AstroAI multimeter equips you to:

  • Check outlet, switch, and wiring voltage and continuity
  • Find short circuits, breaks, and high resistance problems
  • Inspect fuse condition in electrical circuits
  • Measure current draw of motors, appliances, and electronics
  • Test battery charge level and condition
  • Verify automotive sensor, solenoid, relay, and circuit operation

Designed for household and automotive use, this versatile digital multimeter will quickly become your go-to tool for electrical troubleshooting and repair.

What’s Included

Package includes:

  • AstroAI AM33D digital multimeter
  • Pair of test leads with shrouded banana plugs
  • CR2032 3V button battery
  • User manual

Backed by a 1 year warranty and friendly California-based customer support.

Solve household and automotive electrical issues quickly and safely with the AstroAI AM33D Digital Multimeter. Just click Add to Cart to get started!


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