RamPro Helping Hand Magnifier – Illuminate Precise Work with This Heavy-Duty Glass Magnifier Stand


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Jewelry makers, model builders, and crafters rejoice! This helping hand magnifier makes detailed work a breeze with 360 degree flexibility, bright LED lighting, and 4x zoom magnification power.

The sturdy cast iron base provides a stable platform that won’t tip over. And the adjustable gooseneck design lets you position the large 2.5 inch lens exactly where you need it. Just twist and lock this magnifier into place for optimal viewing.

But it gets even better…

This all-in-one magnified glass also includes a built-in LED lamp to illuminate your workpiece. No more squinting in poor lighting. The power flashlight brightens surfaces so you can see small components clearly.

And with the spring-loaded alligator clips, you’ve got a third helping hand to position and hold items steady. Whether you’re soldering circuit boards, glazing miniatures, or stringing beads, this magnifier frees up both hands for precise control.

Take your crafting and detailing work to the next professional level with this durable magnified glass stand.

Key Features:

  • 2.5” diameter 4x zoom magnifying lens
  • Flexible gooseneck design adjusts to optimal angles
  • Built-in LED lamp for illuminating workpieces
  • Sturdy cast iron base for stability
  • Two alligator clips to hold items in place
  • Ideal for jewelry, models, arts, crafts, and more

4x Magnifying Power Reveals the Finest Details

At the heart of this helping hand magnifier is the large 2.5 inch lens with 4x zoom power. The generously sized lens gives you a wide viewing area, while the high magnification lets you zoom in on the tiniest components.

With extra magnifying strength, you’ll achieve greater precision for highly detailed work. Easily inspect minute electronics or view miniature markings that are difficult to see with the naked eye.

The 12 diopter glass construction provides image clarity too. You’ll experience sharp focus across the entire lens, not distorted fish-eye edges. Whether you’re examining one small section or scanning a broader area, details appear crisp without eyestrain.

Forget optivisors and bulky desktop magnifiers. This integrated magnifying glass gives you portable power to see the precision your projects demand.

Adjustable Gooseneck Provides 360° Positioning

What good is magnification if you can’t position the lens in the optimal viewing spot? That’s why this magnifier features a fully adjustable gooseneck design.

Simply bend and twist the sturdy metal neck to angle the glass exactly where you need it. The flexible joints hold firmly in position once tightened, keeping your magnifier locked on the work area. No bouncing or shifting to disrupt concentration.

Gaining a 360 degree range of motion is crucial for precision tasks. Comfortably position the magnified lens inches from your project vertical or horizontal. You can even snake the neck over and around obstructions for creative positioning.

And with the 5 segment gooseneck, achieving the perfect angle is smooth and intuitive. This smart adjustable design brings the power of magnification right to your work.

LED Flashlight Illuminates Dark Work Areas

Finding the right lighting is a constant battle for crafters and hobbyists. Too much glare obscures details. Too little light leads to eyestrain.

That’s why this magnifier solves the problem with an integrated LED lamp that shines directly on your workpiece. No setup required!

The bright LED lighting gives you shadow-free, uniform illumination. Unlike fixed overhead lighting, this flashlight casts light exactly where it’s needed most.

Sufficient lighting brings out the true color and crisp detail of your projects. It also helps reduce headaches and eye fatigue that come from constant squinting.

Plus, the adjustable gooseneck enables you to dial in the perfect lighting angle. Shine light side-on to avoid reflections or overhead to eliminate shadows. Proper lighting lets you take full advantage of the magnifying lens for extended periods.

Third Helping Hand Holds Items Steady for You

As any artisan knows, keeping tiny components and materials steady is crucial for a flawless build. But doing so while simultaneously manipulating tools is easier said than done.

That’s where the spring-loaded alligator clips come into play! These clamps serve as a third helping hand, giving you an extra set of fingers to securely hold items right where you need them.

Use the clips to grip jewelry, miniatures, printed circuit boards, watch pieces, and other small parts to prevent shifting and slippage while your hands operate tools.

The wide jaw metal clamps open up to 2 inches and exert over one pound of gripping force. Yet they also possess a gentle touch to hold fragile items firmly without crushing damage.

With pieces immobilized, you’ll gain greater control and achieve more precise results. Wherever an extra hand could help, these sturdy alligator clip assistants get the job done.

Heavy-Duty Construction Built to Last

Unlike plastic magnifier stands, this helping hand tool features an all-metal design built for durability. The heavy cast iron base provides a low center of gravity so the magnifier sits solidly in place without wobbling or tipping over.

The premium glass lens and rugged adjustable gooseneck stand up to repeated bending without breaking down over time. And the securely soldered light casing protects against dust and moisture ingress.

Thanks to quality construction, this magnifier provides a sturdy accessory you can rely on project after project. Whether you use it occasionally or daily, the solid craftsmanship delivers lasting performance.

For long-term magnified viewing that enhances any small-scale task, choose the helping hand designed for serious craftsmen and hobbyists alike.

One Tool. Unlimited Applications.

This versatile magnifier is ready for almost any precision task imaginable. Use it for:

  • Jewelry making
  • Watch and electronics repair
  • Model building
  • Miniature painting
  • Wood burning
  • PCB soldering
  • Completing puzzles
  • Inspecting stamps/coins
  • and so much more!

The adjustable magnified glass brings detail work into focus like never before. Discover how much easier crafting can be with this all-in-one helping hand tool!


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