RACOONA Truck Tool Box Mounting Kit – Heavy Duty Aluminum Tie Downs Keep Your Toolbox Secure




Is your truck bed toolbox rattling, shaking and sliding around over bumps and while cornering? Say goodbye to that annoying movement with the RACOONA truck toolbox mounting kit. This heavy duty tie down system firmly secures your toolbox in place using durable aluminum J-hooks and steel hardware.

Heavy Duty Aluminum Won’t Bend, Rust or Break

Each J-hook tie down is constructed from thick, high strength rustproof aluminum. The precisely formed hooks easily contour to your truck bed rails without bending or deforming. And the thick aluminum has exceptional strength to keep your toolbox anchored in place without fail.

Securely Hold Toolboxes Up to 60 Inches Wide

Four adjustable J-hook tie downs are included, which can secure any standard full-size truck toolbox up to 60″ wide. Just bolt directly through your toolbox frame or floor using the included hardware. The J-hooks grip the bed rail tightly and won’t shake loose.

Off-Road Ready – Holds Toolboxes in Place

Bouncing down a dirt trail or flying over bumps won’t faze your locked down toolbox. The RACOONA tie down kit secures firmly enough for off-road use, so tools and gear stay put no matter how rough the ride. Gone are the days of picking up scattered tools after a trail run.

Stop Annoying Rattles and Movement

A loose tool box banging around is hugely annoying and can damage your truck over time. The RACOONA mounting kit clamps your box tightly to stop movement and rattles for a peaceful, quiet ride. No more cringing going over bumps or around corners.

Universal Fit for Any Truck Make and Model

From compact pickups to heavy duty 3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks, this toolbox tie down kit fits them all. The adjustable design has enough range to clamp and hold on any truck bed rail configuration. Installation is straightforward – no drilling required. Just use your existing toolbox mounting holes.


  • Heavy duty aluminum J-hooks for incredible holding strength
  • Won’t bend, deform, rust or break like cheaper steel hooks
  • Fits any standard full-size truck toolbox up to 60″ wide
  • Stops toolbox rattling, shaking and sliding
  • Makes toolboxes off-road ready
  • Quick and easy installation without drilling
  • Universal fit for all truck makes and models
  • Includes all necessary mounting hardware


The RACOONA truck toolbox mounting kit is perfect for:

  • Pickup truck bed toolboxes
  • Utility and work truck storage boxes
  • Truck bed crossbox tool storage
  • Underbody and side mount truck toolboxes
  • Light duty aluminum truck boxes
  • Heavy duty steel jobsite toolboxes
  • DIY and mechanic’s tool storage boxes

It’s the ideal toolbox tie down system for tradesmen, contractors, auto mechanics, off-road enthusiasts or anyone needing to securely mount truck tool storage.


  • Material: Polished aluminum J-hooks
  • Dimensions: 5″ x 1.5″ J-hook opening
  • Adjustability: 7.5″ span
  • Hardware: Zinc plated steel
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs

Get Professional Grade Tie Downs for Your Truck

Don’t settle for flimsy amateur toolbox mounts that bend and shake like jelly. The RACOONA toolbox tie down kit is made with heavy duty materials that live up to the rigors of everyday use. No more fumbling for tools that bounced out of your box over bumps. This system locks everything down tight for the long haul.

Order a set today to finally get your pickup truck toolbox mounted securely in place. It’s quick and easy to install compared to welding up homemade solutions. And you’ll save money with this complete mounting kit that has everything you need to get the job done right.

Stop wrestling with loose, shifting toolboxes in your truck. Get RACOONA toolbox mounts for a rattle-free ride and keep your tools safe and secure for the long haul.


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