PTFE O-Ring Assortment Kit – 325PCS Sealing Gaskets for Automotive, Plumbing, and More


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Get the Job Done Right with the Ultimate O-Ring Assortment Kit

Leaking pipes, loose fittings, and blown gaskets can wreak havoc on your plumbing, engine, or industrial equipment. Avoid frustrating leaks and downtime with the PTFE O-Ring Assortment Kit, featuring 325 o-rings engineered from high-quality PTFE for superior sealing and longevity.

With 20 different sizes, this industrial-grade o-ring assortment has you covered for virtually any residential, commercial, or industrial application. Keep your automotive, aviation, marine, plumbing, pneumatic, hydraulic, and refrigeration systems humming along smoothly for years to come.

Unmatched Versatility for All Your Sealing Needs

This kit contains all the o-ring sizes you need for a wide range of sealing and joining applications:

Automotive – Valve cover, oil pan, fuel system, coolant system, transmission, steering, suspension, brake seals, and more

Plumbing – Faucets, valves, pipe fittings, sprinkler systems, compression fittings, and more

Pneumatics/Hydraulics – Cylinders, valves, pumps, motors, filtration, presses, jacks, and more

Aviation – Fuel systems, hydraulic systems, deicing systems, lavatory systems, environmental systems, flight controls, and more

Marine – Stern drives, propulsion systems, fuel systems, ball valves, seacocks, bilge pumps, plumbing, and more

Recreational Vehicles – Plumbing, LP gas lines, waste valves, appliances, generators, HVAC, and more

Industrial Equipment – Pumps, valves, presses, material handling, conveyors, mixers, construction equipment, compressors, and more

With hundreds of sealing applications across every industry, this kit will quickly become your most frequently used toolbox item for completing repairs, restorations, and preventative maintenance.

Superior PTFE Material for Unmatched Temperature Resistance

The o-rings in this professional-grade kit are constructed from virgin polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), an engineered fluoropolymer praised for its exceptional resistance to extreme temperatures, chemicals, and solvents.

With a temperature range from -328°F to 500°F, these o-rings maintain their seal and structural integrity across a staggering 828° degree range. PTFE is also non-reactive and impervious to virtually every commercial fluid or gas.

Compare this to standard rubber o-rings, which become brittle and cracked at temperatures below 32°F or above 300°F. For superior performance across wide temperature fluctuations, PTFE o-rings are simply unmatched.

Built to ANSI AS568A Specs for Guaranteed Compatibility

This o-ring assortment is dimensioned to meet ANSI/AS568A specifications, the industry standard for o-ring sizing. This ensures every o-ring will integrate seamlessly with fittings, valves, cylinders, pumps, and equipment from all manufacturers. No more guessing at sizes or piecing together makeshift seals that leak under pressure.

The included sizes range from 1/16” cross section for precision instruments and small pneumatics up to 1/4” for high pressure hydraulic systems. With 10 to 15 pieces of each size, you’ll have plenty of spares to complete big jobs or seal multiple connection points.

Stop leaks and prevent system contamination with the right o-ring every time. This kit takes the guesswork out of sizing and replacement, giving you a complete selection for any sealing application.

Built to Outlast Standard Rubber Seals

While natural rubber o-rings may initially create a decent seal, they quickly harden and crack under repeated temperature cycling and chemical exposure. This leads to leaks, downtime, and contamination as bits of rubber debris enter your system.

PTFE o-rings maintain consistent elasticity across hundreds of extreme hot/cold cycles. Their slick fluoropolymer construction also eliminates friction and abrasion compared to standard rubber.

For mission-critical systems where leaks simply aren’t an option, upgrade to the unparalleled longevity of industrial-grade PTFE. It’s the material of choice for aerospace, military, pharmaceutical, and high-precision applications.

Get professional-quality seals designed to outlast rubber by years. You’ll save money, time, and headaches with longer service intervals, fewer leaks, and reliable system operation.

Premium Storage Case Keeps Each Size Organized

The included plastic utility case features molded compartments to neatly organize all 20 o-ring sizes. This keeps the kit tidy so you can quickly find the right size when needed. The durable case also provides safe storage in toolboxes, on service trucks, jobsite boxes, or workshop shelves.

With the full selection of sizes compartamentalized for easy identification, you’ll save time so those small jobs don’t take all day. No more digging through a jumbled pile of loose o-rings to find the size you need.

Get the Versatility of 20 Sizes in One Convenient Kit

Stop wasting time tracking down multiple o-ring sizes for different applications. With 20 of the most common sizes, this kit brings together everything you need for superior PTFE sealing across hundreds of residential, commercial, industrial, and automotive uses.

Keep your systems leak-free and contaminant-free with the right seal for any threaded, cylindrical, or flanged fitting. Just open the case, grab the required size, and get a reliable seal you can count on.

Buy with confidence and get the job done right the first time, every time. All PTFE o-rings are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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