POWERTEC Dual Voltage Table Saw Safety Switch Replacement


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Replace your faulty or worn-out table saw power switch with the high quality POWERTEC 71649 Safety Switch. Designed as a direct replacement for switches found on Ryobi, Craftsman, and other major brands. This easy to install switch brings your hazardous tool back up to modern safety standards.

Reliable Power Shut Off When You Need It

The large rubber-covered toggle provides a satisfying and foolproof power shutoff. Flip it down to immediately kill power to the motor in an emergency or when changing blades. The red stop button stands out clearly against the black surround, allowing for quick identification.

A basic on/off switch is essential safety equipment on any saw. Don’t operate your tool without the assurance of a working shutoff switch. Replace older switches that may not fully cut power or jam in the on position.

Removable Key Prevents Accidental Startup

The included removable key prevents the switch from being turned on accidentally. Keep the key in your pocket while performing maintenance, changing blades, cleaning, or whenever leaving the tool unattended.

Kids and pets can’t power up the saw while the key is removed. The red key clearly indicates the saw is disabled for safety. Prevent harmful blade contact injuries with this simple secondary shutoff system.

Heavy Duty 16 Amp Dual Voltage Design

Built to handle the power demands of 1 HP motors, this UL/CSA approved switch is rated for 16 amp/120V or 9 amp/230V electrical systems. Compatible with nearly all 15 amp North American and European household circuits.

Safely run your saw with confidence knowing the switch can withstand the motor’s high amp draw startup and running current. Avoid dangerous failures from underrated off-brand switches.

Direct Replacement Switch

Designed to directly replace worn out or broken switches on Ryobi, Craftsman, and other major stationary tool brands. Verify your specific mount style against the drawings to ensure fit.

Why risk re-wiring when you can safely revive your dead tool with a simple plug-and-play switch replacement? Get your saw, drill press, band saw, or router table switched on again.

Rugged Industrial Grade Construction

The sealed heavy duty thermoplastic housing resists sawdust and debris buildup. Thick durable leads and ample interior space prevent overheating. water-resistant seals keep moisture out. Built to perform consistently in demanding shop environments.

Don’t settle for cheap light duty switches that fail quickly. This professional-grade POWERTEC replacement switch is made to withstand years of regular use.

Avoid Costly Service Calls

Factory authorized repair centers often charge exorbitant rates to install replacement switches. With simple tools and instructions, you can handle this repair Here is a 10 word product title and 1000+ word Amazon product description for the POWERTEC table saw switch replacement:

POWERTEC Dual Voltage Table Saw Safety Switch Replacement


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