Power Wheel Adapter for Ryobi 18V Battery – Converts P100-P109 to 12V Power Connector


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Tired of constantly charging the weak stock battery in your kids’ power wheels or RC cars? Wish you could tap into the long-lasting power of your Ryobi 18V tool batteries? Now you can, with this handy power wheel adapter for Ryobi batteries!

This adapter converts any Ryobi 18V lithium ion or NiCd battery to a 12V power connector, providing longer run times and more muscle for your ride on toys, RC vehicles and other 12V electric projects.

Works With Most Ryobi 18V Batteries

This power wheel adapter is compatible with the following Ryobi 18V battery models:

  • P100
  • P102
  • P103
  • P104
  • P105
  • P107
  • P108
  • P109

It can be used with any ONE+ or original Ryobi 18 volt lithium ion or nickel cadmium battery pack. Just slide on the adapter, lock it into place and you’ve got up to 10x the run time compared to a standard 12V ride on battery.

Safe Power Conversion With Fuse Protection

This isn’t just a plug adapter. It contains a DC-DC buck converter to safely reduce the 18V Ryobi battery output down to 12V. This prevents damage to your ride on toys, RC cars or other 12V electric projects.

The built-in 30 amp fuse provides overload protection for the entire system. No more blown motors or melted wires!

High quality silicone wiring resists corrosion and is extremely flexible. Gold plated terminals ensure a clean, reliable connection.

Easy Installation – No Wiring Needed

Converting your power wheels or RC toy over to Ryobi 18V lithium power couldn’t be easier:

  1. Slide the adapter onto your charged 18V Ryobi battery until it clicks into place.
  2. Plug the 12V output connector into your ride on toy or RC car in place of the stock battery.
  3. Turn on and enjoy exponentially longer motor runtime!

No wiring or battery holder modifications needed – just plug and play!

Works great for DIY electric skateboards, scooters, go karts and more. Use your high capacity Ryobi packs to convert nearly any 12V electrical project to cordless power.

High Quality Materials Built to Last

This power adapter is constructed from premium materials designed for performance:

  • Gold plated terminals – Corrosion resistant
  • 12 AWG silicone wire – Extremely flexible with high temp rating
  • 30A fuse – Prevents overload damage
  • DC-DC buck converter – Steps 18V down to 12V safely
  • Durable plastic housing – Locks battery pack securely in place

Engineered with the same attention to detail and quality that goes into Ryobi’s industry leading power tools. This high-end power converter will provide years of enjoyment.

One Year Warranty – Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind this Ryobi 18V battery adapter with a 12 month warranty. If you have any issues with function or quality, we will provide a replacement or refund, no questions asked!

Bring new life to your kid’s power wheels with a simple battery upgrade. Give your RC vehicles longer runtimes and faster speeds. Unlock the potential of Ryobi lithium power for your projects.

Grab this adapter for your Ryobi batteries today and take performance to the next level!


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