Power Tank Air Blow Gun Tool with 3 Quick-Switch Tips – Variable Flow for Precision Cleaning


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Tired of struggling with cumbersome air hoses that tangle and traditional blow guns that lack power and versatility? Introducing the Power Tank Air Blow Gun Tool, the ultimate solution for quick and easy compressed air cleaning.

3 Interchangeable Tips for Any Task

The Power Tank comes equipped with 3 quick-switch tips so you can tackle any cleaning job with precision and ease.

The rubber tip provides a wide, gentle airflow that’s perfect for clearing dirt, dust and debris from large areas. Use it to clean workbenches, machinery, vehicles, floors – anything that needs a thorough blast.

Switch to the fine point tip when you need pinpoint accuracy. It concentrates the air into a narrow stream that can reach into small crevices and tight spaces. Great for cleaning electronics, camera lenses, keyboards, and more.

And the 8-12 inch extendable tip is ideal for those hard to reach areas. Just lock it in place and the flexible nozzle bends and shapes to put compressed air right where you need it.

With quick quarter-turn fastening, swapping tips takes just seconds. No more fumbling with attachments that take ages to switch out.

Variable Airflow Control at Your Fingertips

A key advantage of the Power Tank is the ergonomic grip with adjustable airflow trigger. Simply slide your fingers up or down to control the volume of air. Deliver a focused burst for precision work or open it up for maximum power.

The trigger is designed to fit your hand naturally and comfortably. Just wrap your fingers around the grip and work with precision control.

Traditional blow guns require you to manually adjust the air valve for more or less airflow. But the Power Tank puts that control right at your fingertips for fast, easy cleaning.

Industrial Strength Air Power

Don’t let the compact size fool you. The Power Tank delivers an incredible volume of industrial-strength compressed air for heavy-duty cleaning.

Connect it to any compressor, air tank or CO2 system up to 400 PSI. The durable construction and latched coupler ensure a reliable seal that withstands high pressure operation.

Blast away grease, oil, chipping paint, sawdust, dirt and other debris with ease. The focused compressed air is strong enough to dislodge even the most stubborn gunk.

Versatile Applications

The Power Tank is a shop essential for auto mechanics, woodworkers, metal fabricators, electronic technicians and any profession that relies on compressed air.

Keep your tools and equipment maintained by blasting away dirt, chips and grime before it builds up. Clean brake dust off automotive parts. Remove sawdust from machinery. Blast away metal shards from welds and cuts. The possibilities are endless!

Around the house, use it to clean dirt from hard-to-reach cracks and crevices. Remove pet hair from furniture. Dust electronics, clean computer keyboards, remove lint from window blinds – the powerful air stream can handle it all.

It’s even great for hobbies and sports – use the fine point tip to inflate balls and sporting equipment. Help kids fly kites and blow bubbles. The creative uses are unlimited.


– Fits any air compressor, CO2 system or air tank up to 400 PSI
– Ergonomic grip with variable airflow trigger
– 3 Interchangeable tips – Rubber, Fine Point and 8-12″ Extendable
– Durable latched coupler for secure seal
– Lightweight, compact design

Stop struggling with unwieldy air hoses and basic blow guns. Experience the power, precision and versatility of the Power Tank Air Blow Gun Tool. Just connect, select your tip, and tackle any cleaning job with focused compressed air right at your fingertips.


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