Polished Stainless Steel Venetian Plaster Trowel Set – Professional Grade Plastering Tools for Smooth, Seamless Finishes




Take your plastering projects to the next level with this premium 3-piece stainless steel venetian plaster trowel set. Featuring a small trapezoid trowel, medium trapezoid trowel, and medium rhombus trowel, this comprehensive set is ideal for applying, smoothing, and polishing venetian plaster, concrete finishes, smooth coat plaster, stucco, and more.

Durable Stainless Steel Build Stands Up to Tough Plastering Jobs

Constructed from 0.7mm thick polished stainless steel, these plastering trowels are designed for strength and durability. The stiff, non-flexible steel blades hold their shape during use, providing the rigid foundation needed for smooth, consistent plaster application. Sturdy stainless steel resists rust, stains, and corrosion while the polished finish prevents surface scratching.

Beveled Edges Glide Over Surfaces

The blades feature round corners and beveled edges that effortlessly glide over surfaces. This protects existing finishes from scratches or gouges during the plastering process. The smooth beveled edges also produce flawlessly smooth plaster finishes free of unsightly trowel marks.

Lightweight Aluminum & Wood Handles Reduce Fatigue

Long aluminum and wood handles provide a comfortable, lightweight and balanced grip that makes applying and smoothing plaster less tiring on hands and wrists. The smooth sanded wooden handle of the large trowel allows for easy grip readjustment as you polish and burnish freshly applied plaster.

3 Trowel Profiles Tackle Broad Range of Plastering Needs

This comprehensive 3-piece set includes:

  • Small Trapezoid Trowel (8″ x 3″): Ideal for hard-to-reach corners and detail work
  • Medium Trapezoid Trowel (10″ x 4″): All-purpose trowel for most applications
  • Medium Rhombus Trowel (9.3″ x 4.3″): Broad shape quickly applies plaster over large surfaces

Whether you need to plaster a small accent wall or give an entire room a seamless venetian plaster finish, this trowel set has you covered.

Perfect for Applying and Polishing Plasters, Stuccos, and Concrete Finishes

The uses for these professional-grade trowels go far beyond venetian plaster:

  • Venetian Plaster – Apply, smooth, and polish to a flawless sheen
  • Decorative Plasters – Ideal for smoothing trowel-applied plasters
  • Concrete Overlays – Blend and finish concrete resurfacing products
  • Stucco – Deliver smooth, consistent stucco finishes
  • Smooth Coat Plaster – Produce seamless drywall finishing

With its durable stainless steel design and versatile range of trowel profiles, this set will become a go-to for all your plastering jobs, both large and small.

Designed for Professional Work and Demanding DIY Projects

These trowels are crafted to meet the rigors of daily professional work but are also perfect for ambitious DIYers taking on plaster finishing. Build the venetian plaster accent wall you’ve dreamed of, resurface dingy stucco, or finally apply that fresh coat of plaster to your outdated drywall.

With the right high-quality tools like these stainless steel trowels, you can achieve smooth professional plaster results!

Share Your Plastering Projects with Us!

We love seeing how customers use our plastering tools to transform their spaces. If you use these trowels for a project, share photos of your finished work with us! We feature our favorite customer project photos.


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