Pexflow Complete PEX Plumbing Starter Kit – Professional Grade Tools & Fittings for DIY Homeowners


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Take the guesswork out of your next PEX plumbing project with this all-in-one PEX plumbing starter kit from Pexflow. Whether you’re a first-time DIYer or a seasoned pro, this kit provides everything you need for a smooth and successful PEX installation.

Outstanding Quality You Can Rely On

At the heart of this kit are the professional-grade PEX crimping and cutting tools. The sturdy, heavy-duty crimper features a unique lock hook design that securely grips PEX tubing during the crimping process for uniform, leak-proof crimps every time. And the spring-loaded PEX shear cutting tool makes straight, clean cuts with minimal effort. Both tools boast ergonomic handles and a convenient carrying case for portability.

To complete your plumbing runs, the kit includes high-quality lead-free brass fittings: 90-degree elbows and straight couplings. The flexible, kink-resistant PEX tubing is also lead-free and available in both red and blue for hot and cold water lines. Stainless steel cinch clamps and half clamps provide secure, reliable connections.

The Total Package for PEX Projects

With 200 feet of tubing and 50 of each type of fitting and clamp, this starter kit contains everything you need for most residential PEX installations. Build a water supply system for a kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, wet bar, ice maker, hot tub, and more. The components are equally suitable for hydronic radiant heating systems.

Here’s everything included:

  • 1 x PEX crimping tool with lock hook
  • 1 x PEX tubing cutting shear tool with spring-loaded handle
  • Carrying case for both tools
  • 25 x 1/2″ 90-degree elbow fittings
  • 25 x 1/2″ straight coupling fittings
  • 100′ x 1/2″ blue PEX tubing
  • 100′ x 1/2″ red PEX tubing
  • 100 x 1/2″ stainless steel cinch clamps
  • 100 x 1/2″ stainless half clamps with nails

With this comprehensive selection of components and the ability to expand your PEX system at any time, you’ll be equipped for even large-scale plumbing projects. No more time wasted piecing together supplies from different brands – this kit brings everything together in one ready-to-use set.

Designed for DIYers and Professionals

Whether you’re outfitting your own home or taking on plumbing jobs for clients, this Pexflow kit provides the quality you need to get the job done right. The tools allow for efficient, precise crimping and tubing cuts. The lead-free brass fittings and tubing are built to last for years of reliable performance.

All the components meet the highest standards for PEX systems. And with the included instructions and our helpful customer support, you’ll have the guidance and confidence for a successful installation. We stand behind the products in this kit 100%.

For handy homeowners, remodelers, contractors, and anyone tackling a PEX project, choose this all-in-one starter kit and enjoy the convenience of having exactly what you need. Order the Pexflow complete PEX plumbing starter today and get ready for smooth, efficient, leak-free PEX piping.


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