Pex-B Tubing 3/4 Inch x 100 Feet Flexible PEX Pipe for Plumbing Water Lines


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Upgrade your home’s water lines with the 3/4″ Pex-B Tubing 100 ft Coil from Blue PEX Tubing. This flexible, durable PEX pipe is perfect for potable water plumbing applications and is designed for easy installation.

The oxygen barrier in this PEX-B tubing prevents oxidation and corrosion of metal components in heating and cooling systems. Compliant with all major PEX approvals and standards including NSF 14/61/372, UPC, CSA B137.5, and ASTM F876/F877/F1807, this tubing is 100% approved for potable water applications.

Flexible & Durable PEX Tubing

This coiled PEX-B tubing offers maximum flexibility for tight spaces and curved routes compared to rigid copper and CPVC pipes. The flexible PEX material makes installations a breeze without spring back or memory issues. PEX tubing is also highly durable and resistant to scale buildup and freezing compared to metal pipes.

With an operating temperature range of 73°F to 200°F and pressure rating of 160 PSI at 73°F and 80 PSI at 200°F, this flexible PEX tubing can handle the demands of residential and commercial plumbing. The bend radius is 6 times the tubing diameter, allowing it to navigate tight spaces.

PEX-B Oxygen Barrier

This PEX-B tubing contains an oxygen diffusion barrier that prevents oxygen from permeating the pipe wall and corroding metal components in the system. The oxygen barrier ensures a longer service life for water heaters, boilers, valves, and fittings compared to non-barrier tubing.

The tubing dimensions for this coil are:

– Inside Diameter (ID): 0.862 inches
– Outside Diameter (OD): 1.125 inches
– Nominal Size: 1 inch
– Length: 100 ft coil

Wide PEX-B Compatibility

This PEX-B tubing is designed for use with F1807 fittings and clamps. It also works with common copper crimp rings and stainless steel crimp sleeves. The flexibility of PEX tubing allows easy connections with elbows, tees, adapters and other fittings for a complete plumbing system.

NSF & Code Approvals

This PEX tubing meets or exceeds all major codes and standards, including:

– NSF 14/61/372 – Compliant for potable water service
– CSA B137.5 – Certified for potable water systems
– UPC/NSPC – Complies with Uniform Plumbing Code requirements
– ASTM F876/F877 – Meets ASTM standards for PEX tubing
– ASTM F1807 – Approved for use with F1807 metal insert and copper crimp fittings
– Standards and ratings are printed every 5 feet on the tubing

Use for Plumbing Water Lines

This flexible PEX-B tubing is perfect for running hot and cold potable water lines throughout residential and commercial buildings. Use it for main water line runs, fixture supply lines, in-floor radiant heat tubing, HVAC applications and more.

The 100 ft coil provides the convenience of extended tubing runs without connections. Approved for underground burial, it can also be used for underground water service lines.

Upgrade to reliable, flexible PEX-B tubing for your next plumbing project. This 3/4″ Blue PEX Pipe 100 ft Coil meets all codes and standards for safe, durable water delivery throughout any building. Order your coil today!


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