Perzework Long Heat Gun – Powerful 300W Mini Hot Air Gun for Fast and Effective Heat Application


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Heat up your projects and fix electronics with precision using the Perzework Long Heat Gun. This powerful 300W hot air gun heats up in seconds to 662°F/350°C, melting, shrinking, stripping, bending, loosening, and finishing your materials quickly and efficiently.

The Perzework heat gun is designed for control and ease of use. The ring air outlet produces a focused stream of steady, even heat. The pure copper motor provides quiet operation while the pencil-like shape with anti-slip grip allows you to wield the heat with precision. An integrated stand frees up your hands between applications.

This versatile heat tool tackles everything from iPhone repairs to jewelry making and crafts. Apply it to:

Electronics and Phone Repair

– Loosen screws and connectors
– Reflow solder
– Shrink tubing
– Bend plastics

Art and Crafts

– Embossing powder
– Shrink plastic sheets
– Bend and shape plastics
– Dry paint and epoxy
– Adhere laminates

Home Improvement

– Remove paint and varnish
– Loosen rusted bolts
– Shrink wrap insulation
– Bend pipes
– Dry caulk and glues

The Perzework heat gun is built to last with ABS plastic housing and stainless steel air outlet resistant to high temps and corrosion. It’s backed by 1 year warranty and passes strict TUV safety testing.

Overheat protection shuts off the circuit if it gets too hot. The extra long 6.6 ft cord provides freedom to work on large projects.


  • 300W high power heat up to 662°F/350°C in seconds
  • Ring outlet for focused, even air flow
  • Pure copper motor runs quiet
  • Pencil-like design with anti-slip grip for control
  • Integrated stand frees hands
  • 6.6 ft extra long power cord
  • Overheat protection shutoff
  • ABS plastic housing
  • Stainless steel air outlet
  • 1 year warranty
  • TUV safety certified

Take on Tough Tasks with Targeted Heat

Having the right heat tool makes all the difference for reflow soldering sensitive electronics, releasing seized parts, bending pipes, and activating heat-responsive materials with precision.

Consumer grade heat guns often overheat, spray wide heat that warps plastics, or fail to get hot enough for heavy duty applications. The Perzework heat gun brings pro-level, focused heat in a compact design.

The ringed nozzle concentrates airflow for applying heat exactly where you need it without distortion. Built-in overload protection prevents dangerously high temperatures.

You’ll have the pinpoint control and power to:

  • Solder and desolder computer components and small electronics.
  • Shrink tubing and heat shrink wire connectors in tight spaces.
  • Loosen seized bolts and fittings.
  • Remove components secured with adhesive.
  • Shape and form plastic for custom parts and crafts.
  • Smooth and finish 3D printed objects.

The 300W Perzework heat gun provides targeted heat for industrial, automotive, electronics, hobby, craft, and home applications.

Designed for Handling Ease

With compact size and ergonomic design, the Perzework heat gun gives you precision and control without hand strain.

The pencil-shaped body with indentions for your fingers makes it easy to grip. Weighing just 12.5 oz, it won’t weigh down your hand even during extended use.

An integrated kickstand allows hands-free operation while the extra long 6.6 ft power cord provides room to maneuver around large projects.

Built to Last

Made with quality components and materials, the Perzework heat gun is made for the long haul.

The housing is crafted from heat and impact resistant ABS plastic able to withstand job site abuse. Stainless steel prevents corrosion of the air outlet under prolonged heat exposure.

A pure copper motor contributes to efficiency, quiet operation, and longevity. Integrated thermal overload protection shuts off power if overheated preventing damage.

The Perzework heat gun meets safety regulations for electrical insulation and fire prevention per TUV and UL standards. Perzework provides a 1 year warranty protecting your investment.

Take Your Projects to the Next Level

Don’t compromise your DIY projects with low power consumer heat tools. The Perzework 300W heat gun provides power and precision to take your electronics repairs, crafts, and home improvement projects to the next level.


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