Organize Your DeWalt 20V Batteries with the Gijok Battery Rack


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Tired of rummaging through your toolbox trying to find the right DeWalt 20V battery? Sick of batteries rolling around loose on the shelf or tossed haphazardly in a drawer? Bring order to the chaos with the Gijok Battery Rack – the perfect organizer to store and display your DeWalt 20V lithium ion batteries.

Custom Designed Specifically for DeWalt 20V Batteries

This battery rack is purpose built to hold DeWalt 20V max lithium ion batteries. The battery slots are sized and shaped specifically for these battery packs so they slide in snugly and securely. No more loose batteries banging around! The Gijok rack cradles your battery packs neatly in place for easy grab and go convenience.

Sturdy PA66+30%GF Plastic Construction

The Gijok battery rack is constructed from durable PA66+30%GF plastic designed to withstand tough workshop conditions. The glass fiber reinforced PA66 plastic provides enhanced strength and rigidity so your rack maintains its shape. The sturdy build quality ensures your rack can handle the daily rigors of workshop use.

Mount Your Rack at Any Angle

Each battery holder features countersunk screw holes so you can install your Gijok battery rack at any orientation you desire. Mount it flat against the wall, upside down under a shelf, or at any other handy angle. The countersunk holes allow the rack to sit flush against the surface for a clean, integrated look.

Organize Your Charging Station

Bring order to your DeWalt charging station! Mount a Gijok battery rack nearby so freshly charged batteries have a dedicated storage spot ready to go. The open design allows you to easily see battery charge levels at a glance. Arranging your batteries neatly in one spot makes it easy to grab the next fully charged battery you need.

Convenient Wall Storage

Free up precious shelf space by mounting your Gijok battery rack directly on the wall. The wall mounted rack keeps your battery packs up and out of the way, while still keeping them readily accessible. No more digging behind clutter to find batteries. Just grab and go!

Under Shelf Storage

Can’t spare space on your workshop pegboard? Install your Gijok battery rack under a shelf instead. The handy design allows you to mount the rack upside down to capitalize on that often underutilized space. Storing your batteries overhead gets them off the benchtop, freeing up your workspace.

10 Battery Holders Included

The Gijok Battery Rack comes complete with 10 individual battery holders so you can organize a full complement of DeWalt 20V batteries. Each holder securely cradles one battery pack to keep it from slipping out. With designated storage slots for up to 10 batteries, you’ll always know right where to find the charged battery you need.

Screws Included for Installation

Mounting your rack is a breeze with screws included. Simply hold the rack in your desired location, mark the mounting holes, drill pilot holes, and screw into place. You’ll be organized in minutes! Consider using wall anchors if mounting to drywall.

Stop Wasting Time Searching for Batteries

Quit wasting precious time and energy digging around for batteries. The Gijok Battery Rack organizes your DeWalt 20V battery packs neatly in one spot for grab and go convenience. Ditch the clutter and bring order to your workspace with a purpose built rack designed just for these batteries. You’ll never have to hunt around for a charged battery again!

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